Setting Up a Craft Room Made Simple

Crafting is a fantastic hobby which has been shown to relieve stress and even minimise chronic pain for many people, amongst other things! More people should craft, but a lot of individuals are put off by a lot of things, including the perceived lack of space for such things! Not having the space should not be a barrier, especially since it is pretty easy to set up a craft room, even if you only have a little room available. Just check out these simple tips for making a craft room in your home a reality:

Finding the Space
If you have a spare room, then that is the natural place to put your craft room. If you don’t, but you do have a garden, then sheds and metal buildings are a good alternative. Don’t even have that much space, then clearing out a corner or nook where you can set up a small craft table and a few other things must be achievable - it’s all about making crafts priority.

Set Up a Table
Once you’ve found the space, then you absolutely must invest in a sturdy table that you can work on. If you only have a small space, then folding leaf tables are ideal, because they can be extended and folded up as and when needed. 

A Comfy Chair
Next, you’re going to want to add a comfortable chair where you can sit and work, possibly for long periods of time with ease. Find the best chair for your office because it will help to keep your back healthy, prevent pain and can also be a statement piece for the room from a decor point of view. Go with something that fully supports your neck and spine, and ideally can be adjusted to fit the perfect height of your desk.

Storage is Essential
Unless you’re into a very minimalist craft, chances are you’re going to have a sizeable stash of supplies with which to work, which means that storage is essential. If you’re space poor, then upwards shelving, that takes up the wall rather than floor space is a boon, whereas if your craft space is more of a craft corner, incorporating storage furniture, such as ottomans, beds and even sofas that have hidden storage are a better bet.

Counter Space
If you have plenty of craft space, then installing counters in your craft room is a really good idea because it will allow you to spread out and get on with things without being hampered by your environment. If you do install counters, make them standing/sitting height, depending on how you work, so that you don’t have to bend over and strain your back.

Zone Out
Creating various zones for each part of the crafting process, such as a computer space for digital work, a messy area for paint ad glue-based activities and a more relaxed space for drawing and knitting is a fantastic way of ensuring that you can do what you want in the most comfort with the least hassle, if you have the room to do so.