Organisation Revelations: Solving Storage Issues at Home

For a home to be both functional and beautiful, it really has to have a good amount of storage. We want things to look aesthetically pleasing, however our properties aren't show homes, we all own 'stuff' (most of us have too much stuff in fairness!) But with the right storage systems in place you get the best of both worlds, as you can keep everything organised while keeping it beautiful and clutter free in the room. Here are some ideas that might help in the average family home. 

Doubling Up
One of the best storage solutions is to use your furniture to double up as storage spaces as well. You can’t do this with every single piece of furniture of course, but it's always worth looking when you buy something new- or adapting what you have. For example, you can put items under the bed, especially if it is easy to get to, You can install bookshelves under an open staircase or you can hollow out the coffee table and use it to store DVDs. as you can see, there are plenty of ways to use the furniture you already have as storage space. This alone will make a huge difference, and allows you to make the very best of the space you have. Particularly useful for small rooms. 

Offloading Elsewhere
If you simply have a case of too much stuff and not enough space, and you're not able to declutter enough for everything to fit, you may need to store things elsewhere. Instead of filling the spare bedroom, why not move items to a shed, garage or the attic? You could always opt to use a self-storage service such as, or even ask a kind family member or friend if they can hold items for you. If perhaps you've moved to a smaller home and don't want to throw away items, furniture or appliances but think you will use them again in future then this is a good option. At least that way you don't need to re- buy everything again later down the line. 

Don’t Add To It!
Finally, when you're already concerned about storage issues, you don't want to add to the clutter by getting more and more useless things you don’t really need. The less stuff you have, the clearer a mind you have, and for some this is honestly the way to true happiness and peace in life. Have a strict buying policy and perhaps set a 'one in, one out' rule to prevent additional things from being added or built up and contributing to the problem. Go through what you own regularly, binning, donating or giving to friends any items that are no longer any use to you,