Freshen Up Your Finances: Money To Be Made And Saved

Are you a frugal type of person? No matter what stage you’re at in your life, it's beneficial to be a little savvy with money. Unless you're very well off, chances are you feel the pinch when it comes to finances at least some of the time- and being careful with your cash can help to prevent this. Money truly does make the world go round, and everything in life costs- whether we like it or not, we all need cash. When you were young and reckless, you probably didn't give much of a thought to saving money- as all young adults do, wasting money and complaining about having none was the favourite past time. However as you grow up and get a little more acquainted with money, it's so worth budgeting properly and being a little more sensible with it. Here's how you can go about this. 

Money To Be Made
We might as well start with the most important part to a lot of people, how is there more money to be made? Well, it isn’t actually as hard as you would think. You don’t even need to look further than the job you’re in right now, but we’ll explore other options later. If you’ve worked in the same job for years, you’ll have come accustomed to the way things work. How many hours you work, how much time off you can have etc. But what happens when you need time off due to being ill? Well, a lot of companies can actually be funny with you about this. Some companies are really accommodating, and will actually pay you for weeks, if you’re off for a long time that is, before drawing the line. The more generous they are, the more likely you’re going to stay long term, so it is understandable why some companies do it. But there are some out there that downright refuse to pay holiday pay, or if they do, it is the bare minimum. But these companies actually could be breaking the law. Everyone needs to go off sick every now and again, we’re all human. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where sick pay is being refused to you, check your rights as an employee. Peninsulas statutory sick pay guide will help you to understand fully what you’re owed. If you ever do find yourself in a situation where an employer isn’t paying out what they’re meant to, don’t be at all afraid to go down a legal route. It’ll leave you with more money in the long run, and it’ll stop other employees falling subject to what you did. You won’t get fired, and if you do the company can get in even more trouble for unfair dismissal. Aside from owed money, you can always try and ask for a pay rise if you’re in need of a bit of extra cash. A lot of employees simply don’t have the guts to do this. But what do you have to lose? If you’ve been on the same wage for years, it is only reasonable that you have a pay review!

As well as money you can make from your regular day job, there's also money that can be made on the side too. Blogging is one example of an excellent way of making money in your spare time and from home that really doesn’t require too much effort once you’ve got things going. Actually setting up the blog is the hardest part. You have to think of a name, what you’d actually like to blog about, and what the theme is going to be. There’s so many blogs out there that can help to give you some inspiration. Once you’ve got all that nailed, you just need to think of the content. What you write about is completely up to you. For this to work it has to interest you in the first place. Popular categories include home, fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc. One of the main things you need to be doing to gain exposure is being really active on social media. It is the only way to gain the followers you need to eventually monetise your blog. A lot of companies that might offer you paid opportunities like to see a certain level of social presence, as well as a well established blog. Twitter and Instagram are the main two you need to be focusing on. Make sure you share every post that you write to Twitter, and tweet photos related to the article. With Twitter, it is important that you’re following plenty of bloggers that you actually have an interest in. You also need to make sure you’re getting involved in Twitter chats etc. to gain more exposure. Once you’ve got a good following, begin to contact companies you’d like to collaborate with, or keep your eyes peeled for opportunities on social media.

Money To Be Saved
When you’ve got the money you’d like, you need to be searching for ways in which you can keep it. One is keeping daily living costs to a minimum. Things like household bills really can take a massive chunk out of your paycheck each month, but chances are the amount you’re paying can be reduced. All you need to do is be more conscious of things like how long you’re in the shower for, and how much electricity you’re using. For example, if it is a nice sunny day outside, don’t just pile the clothes into the tumble dryer for ease. Tumble dryers use up so much energy it is crazy! You should also be looking at putting your money away securely in a bank. Some ISA’s allow you to only withdraw money a few times a year. This could really help if you know you’re a serial spender.

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