Creative Ways to Contain Clutter

Too much clutter in your home can be an eyesore. Containing some of this clutter can make your home feel more organised and less cramped. Here are just a few creative storage methods for keeping clutter under control.

Think multi-purpose
Storage solutions can be given a dual purpose in many cases. Many modern designer sideboards can be used as a funky desk or a TV stand. Other storage solutions such as ottomans meanwhile can double up as footstools. There are even beds out there with storage space beneath and sofas with drawers and compartments. This could be a great space-saving solution.

Use the room’s height
Many people don’t take full advantage of a room’s height. A book shelf tower going up to the ceiling might require you to use a step ladder to get to the top, but it could also use up less floor space in the process. There may even be ways of storing item vertically in ways that you hadn’t considered. Using racks you can store a bicycle vertically against a wall using up less floor space. There are also fold-away dining tables out there that can be stored upright in a cupboard like an ironing board.

Use the space under the stairs
Many of us with staircases tend to neglect the space underneath. By knocking through the wall on the other side, this space may have the potential to be turned into a walk-in wardrobe. Alternatively, you could turn the space into drawers.

Use alcoves and small spaces
Cubby holes and alcoves in oddly shaped rooms are perfect places to fit shelves or a cupboard. If you’ve got an armchair in the corner of a room, you may even have space behind for a storage tower.

Store loose items in mason jars
Many of us store coffee, teabags and sugar in jars for easy access, but there are many other loose household items that can be stored this way. Separate mason jars could be used in the bathroom for storing toothbrushes, razors, cosmetics and brushes. They can alternatively be used for storing pasta and cereal in a rustic way. You could even use one in the living room for storing remotes.

Hang items on a pegboard
Pegboards are another stylish storage solution. These can look great in the garage for hanging DIY tools in an organised manner. However, a pegboard could also be used by the front door for hanging keys and car chargers and last minute items you need. It could even be a creative place for hanging stationary above a desk or somewhere for displaying jewellery. 

Hang metal utensils using magnets
Magnetic strips can also be hung on a wall to creatively hang certain items. Magnets are popular in kitchens for hanging knives, freeing up countertop space by not requiring a knife block. However, magnets could also be used to store metal DIY tools and even metal bathroom utensils like tweezers and nail clippers.