These Are The Apps No Homeowner Should Be Without!

Running a house is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Anyone who disagrees obviously hasn’t owned a property before! There are too many jobs to do and not enough money to go around. Plus, a girl’s got to find time to relax and catch up on her favourite box sets. It used to be easy to let the self-pity and stress wash over the body and believe the term that “all is lost.” However, life is a weird and wonderful thing, and so are applications. It turns out the best apps can revolutionise a home, and these are the ones which are worth considering.

There isn’t a property on the planet that doesn’t need a spruce up at times. To keep costs down, many people shop on eBay as it has everything a homeowner needs at affordable prices. From light fixtures to kitchen utensils, soft furnishings, furniture, decorative accessories and more- if you feel like giving your home a makeover eBay is well worth browsing. You can either bid for items and snag yourself some real bargains, or you can simply buy like you would from a regular shop. Because many things are made overseas they're cheaper and often a little different than you'd find on the highstreet. 

If you've never heard of Shiply, this is an online courier service which brings together buyers and sellers. Shoppers will know that the average store has a delivery option, but they'll also know this can be expensive. Take Ikea for example, their standard delivery on furniture items is a whopping £35. As a reverse auction, Shiply merges couriers and shoppers for both parties’ benefit. For one thing, it reduces the price of delivery for customers, while maximising profit for the couriers.

You Need a Budget is probably the wisest words a homeowner will ever hear. Running a home means splashing the cash on a weekly basis thanks to energy bills and mortgages payments. The constant outflow of money can be difficult to keep up with, which is why homeowners end up in credit card debt. YNAB allows you to “give every dollar a job” to avoid overspending. And, it’s free to use at the moment due to the trial offer. After that, the price goes up to £60 but it’s a one-off which will pay for itself in a matter of weeks.

Plan To Eat
Food is a massive part of all of our lives, and especially so if you're the one responsible for cooking for your family. Plan to Eat is a fantastic app to have on your mobile devices because of the different features. For one thing, it offers tips on how to eat healthily while keeping the shopping bill to a minimum. Then, there are recipe tips, as well as storage for any of your own that you want to keep close to hand. Also, there’s a meal calendar so that you can track and plan dishes for the week.