Here’s Why It Pays To List A Property In The Winter

The January blues: the depression people feel after the Christmas period. It’s just one reason people tend not to put their house on the market. Who would buy it when they can’t be bothered to get up off the couch? Plus, there’s the money situation to consider. In the New Year, the average buyer doesn’t have enough cash to fund a move. All of this can make it seem as if wintertime is a terrible period to list a house, but that isn’t the case. December, January and February are three great months to sell up, and these are the reasons why.

The Price Is Right
There are fewer buyers so there’s no need to drop the asking price. Yet, people are reluctant to buy as soon as possible which is why the value can’t be too high. However, the right asking price will get interested parties thinking about making an offer. Quite simply, they will understand that January and February are two of the quietest months in the calendar and that the listing may be a one-off. As soon as spring and summer roll around, the value is bound to increase. Make sure the cost is in line with other properties in the area and you could make a quick sale.

Banking On A Mortgage
Is money tight, or do you need time to revive your credit score? If so, you should understand that there are ways to free up the coffers instantly. Just take a look at for more info. The even better news is that your credit score may not inhibit you as much as you think. Banks are companies like any other, and they need new revenue. The winter is a bad time for them as families and individuals cut back. So, applying for a loan now might work out as their guidelines are less harsh.

The Cover Up
The experts at point out buyers are interested in cold weather issues. When the mercury drops below zero, it’s natural to want to know you will be warm inside the house. Don’t see this as a negative but a potential opportunity. As long as the boiler works well and there are no drafts, the property will tick all the boxes. Of course, there might be other issues which come to light, but they will seem insignificant. As a result, there will be less to turn buyers off in the winter months.

The Colour Of Walls
The right shades can have a psychological impact on a person. Now that the temperature outside is cold, the hues inside can make the property feel warm and cosy. Straightaway, this makes people feel good about the house as it denotes happy emotions. The next time they consider the property, the right colour scheme could encourage them to put yours at the top of the list. Negate the drab and gloomy weather by using strong, vivid colours such as purples. The same goes for the exterior, too.