What You Can Do To Limit the Nuisances and Distractions of Modern Life

Modern life has plenty of benefits; after all, none of us would give up the convenience that comes with having an iPhone and limitless access to the internet, among the many other things we now take for granted. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t some pretty specific nuisances and distractions that also come with modern life. If you’re not careful, you could end up wasting your time and become inefficient because of those distractions. Dealing with the distractions of modern life can feel like a pointless struggle. You’re never going to completely eliminate the problems that are created by the way we live our lives in the modern age. But if you take the right approach, there’s no reason why you can’t limit the impact these modern nuisances have on the way you live. It’s time to look at some of the practical and simple steps you can take if you want to stop being held back by all of those little nuisances and distractions that characterise our day to day experiences nowadays. You don’t have to accept those distractions for a second longer, so read on now and then take action in your day to day life by putting these tips into practice.

Report Minor Problems Outside Your Home
Your community should valuable to you, and it’s only right that people treat it fairly and respectfully. Those annoyances outside your home, whether that means not controlling their pets, littering or generally causing disruption, can be massively annoying. You should try to remedy the problems by yourself, but if that doesn’t work out for you, there’s nothing wrong with reporting the problem to the relevant authorities if you feel like that’s the only option left open to you. The problem can then be cut out entirely.

Compare Every Internet Company Operating in Your Area
We all use the internet these days, and very few of us compare rates offered by companies once we have our broadband set up. That’s a mistake though because there are so many internet service providers out there, and if you don’t compare the options, you will end up paying more than you really need to. It’s not just about cost though; if anything, performance matters more. One of modern life’s biggest annoyances is poor internet connectivity. If your broadband is always failing on you, another provider might improve things.

Start Reading the Small Print
There’s nothing more annoying than feeling like you’ve been ripped off by someone. There are too many companies out there that hide the true nature of what they’re offering and what the catches are in the small print. Yes, this is frustrating and you could even say it’s unethical, but you can’t change how these companies act. Therefore, you need to change your own behaviour to ensure you never get caught out when you don’t need. Get in the habit of reading the small print and understanding what you’re getting into. 

Limit Your Social Media Usage
Social media can be a lot of fun, and it can even help your career in some ways. However, social media can be a major source of frustration for people do. Whether you’re getting into online arguments with strangers or being annoyed by something your distant relative is posting on Facebook, it can become something that you focus on too much for some baffling reason. By limiting your social media usage, you can stop getting caught up in online issues that really don’t matter at all. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll feel freer!

Find Out What You Can do to Combat Cold Calling
Unfortunately for us, cold calling is still legal, and that’s probably not something that’s probably not going to change anytime soon. However, there are still regulations in place that cold calling companies are obliged to follow; they don’t have a free reign to do as they please. There is a dedicated reporting process in place that you should make use of if you are being repeatedly called and the company won’t stop. They should also show their number when they call because that’s a new rule. The last resort is to start blocking these numbers when they call.

Beat Noise Pollution With Better Windows
Noise pollution is one of those pervasive issues that can really get to you. Whether the noise is coming from the traffic outside or a noisy neighbour; it’s not long before it gets too much for you. Beating the problem of noise pollution is not always easy or straightforward but it certainly can be done if you’re willing to take the right steps. The very best thing you can do is install better and thicker windows in your home. They’ll stop the noise from entering the home, so this is an investment you might have to make.

Unsubscribe to Emails and Reject Junk Mail
When was the last time you had a big clearout of your email inbox? For most of us, it’s stacked full of emails we don’t want or need. You can cut down on the junk you receive each day by clicking that little unsubscribe link that’s included at the bottom of most automated email marketing messages. It can massively decrease the amount of junk that lands in your inbox and frustrates you each day. It can even stop important emails from getting lost amongst the junk. Start doing it this week and you’ll never look back.

Banish Certain Items From the Bedroom
With all the distractions that come with daily life, you really do need a place in your home that you can go to in order to get away from technology, flashing lights and beeping devices. Your bedroom is the best place for that kind of tranquility, so banish a few key items from your bedroom. For example, if you remove the television from your bedroom, you will have fewer distractions to deal with and you’ll find it much easier to relax there, which has to be a good thing. It could be one of the smartest moves you ever make.

Turn Off Notifications on the Weekend
Another thing you can do to limit the number of technology-driven distractions you notice is have a break at the weekend. Those two days out of every seven should be devoted to you and your own relaxation. You don’t need to have people contacting you and demanding your time constantly throughout the weekend. You can still check your phone every now and then, but the point is that you shouldn’t be a slave to your phone whenever a notification pops up on the screen, so turn them off on the weekend.

Treat Others How You Expected to be Treated
This is one of those simple and basic things that your mother probably told you want to do when you were a child, but it holds true to this day so don’t forget it. When you treat other people how you want and expect to treated yourself, you will hopefully be able to dodge other people’s annoying behaviours. A little politeness and courtesy goes a long way, and your life can be a whole lot easier as a result of it. Spare other people of the things that are frustrating and annoying about yourself and hopefully the favour will be returned.

Think Carefully About What Time You Leave the House
For anyone who lives in a city, traffic can be a real source of anger and frustration. Slow moving lines of traffic that leave you feeling trapped are never any fun, but a bit more organisation in your life could help you to avoid those terrible traffic situations. It’s all about knowing when to leave the house and jump in the car and when to hold back and wait until later. Get to know how the city functions, which events might cause the traffic and when the roads are quietest. Every city is different, but you’ll soon get to know when and when not to travel.

Practice Deep Breaths
If none of the other ideas work for you, you should try taking deep breaths so that you can escape the situation you find yourself in. You will then gain some perspective and realise that you don’t need to be frustrated and annoyed by those minor modern occurrences. It’s all about having a little more self-control in life; it’s not too hard to do so anyone can make use of this technique. You’ll end up using it more than you think, and for something so simple, it certainly does have a big impact on your mood and mentality.

The nuisances and distractions of everyday life don’t have to hold you back or get you down for a second longer. By being a little more clever about how you organise your life, you will be able to increase your efficiency and productivity by limiting those nuisances. Make the most of these ideas and start reaping the rewards immediately.