Smart Ways to Save Space in the Bedroom

Too much stuff and not enough space? It's always the way. Most of us probably have this issue regardless of how big or small our room is, even given the biggest room in the world it would be easy enough to fill it and end up with the same problem eventually. If you like owning a lot of stuff, but hate the look of clutter and will only have certain things out on display it can be an issue achieving that stunning sleek room of your dreams. However, it is possible to get smart with storage and have a gorgeous room without getting rid of your precious belongings. Here are a few ways to help save space in the bedroom!

Get Organised
This is probably the most important one. If you're storing things you no longer have use for then you're simply wasting precious space- get rid of them! This will free up room so you can organise the things you use regularly more effectively. Be brutal, unless it holds significant sentimental value or is useful then throw it away, and then find a place for everything you decide to keep. Clean out every drawer and cupboard and start again from scratch giving every area a purpose, then it's really easy to put things away in the right place and to keep organised. Things like drawer dividers and storage boxes will maximise the space in small areas and keep everything nice and neat.

Go Upwards
There's a good reason Ikeas 'Alex' and 'Malm' drawers are so popular among beauty bloggers. They're tall and narrow meaning you get loads of drawers, but it doesn't take up a substantial amount of floor space like a regular chest of drawers would. I store my makeup in an Ikea Helmer unit which is a small narrow set of drawers which again doesn't take up a lot of space on the floor. Other ways you can go upwards is by utilising wall space, for example have necklaces hung on wall mounted jewellery hooks. Shelves are also perfect for giving you extra surface space without bringing in extra furniture.

Make Use of the Bed
The bed is always going to be the thing that takes up the most space in a bedroom, and so it's useful to go with one that has built in drawers/ storage space. It means things like clothes are far easier to store as you can put away anything that's not in season and free up space in your wardrobe. Bed drawers are also handy for storing things like extra bedding and pillows and things which can take up a lot of space in a cupboard.

Choose the Right Furniture for the Space
In pretty much any bedroom you're going to need a set of drawers, bedside table(s) and somewhere to hang your clothes. But bedroom furniture can vary massively in size, and so it's well worth taking a note of the measurements and see how they'd work in the space you have. Even though a huge chest of drawers is going to store more than a smaller set, they're probably going to look odd in a tiny room. You could compromise by going with a smaller set of drawers with a shelf above them to display any additional items.

Paint Your Room a New Colour
While it's not going to save you any space, painting your room a light colour will automatically make it look bigger, brighter and airier. White or off-white/cream is always a good choice for walls as you can then bring in some colour with accessories. This also makes redecorating easier too, as you only need to switch out things like bedding and curtains rather than paint your room a whole new colour.

How do you make the most of your space?