Important Reasons to Buy British

When you’re shopping for furniture, clothing, or other household items, it can be incredibly difficult to know where the items you’re buying were actually made. You will usually find a sticker somewhere detailing the country of origin if the item has been made overseas, though you may have to hunt for it. However, if you are considering an item that has been made here in Britain, this information will usually be emblazoned proudly on the packaging. Have you ever wondered why this is? Why are we so constantly told to buy local, buy British, when we purchase goods? There are four very good reasons, and you may want to keep these in mind when you head out on your next shopping trip… 

Buying British goods helps to stimulate the UK economy 
There are a huge number of industries where British goods are available, ranging from homeware to beauty products. When you buy them, you are able to enjoy the quality and give the economy a boost. If you decide to buy British-grown and owned Weetabix, UK-made Alstons sofas, or select your skincare from one of the many prominent British brands, then your purchase makes a direct impact on the overall finances of the country. This impact is far more wide-reaching than you might think. Not only do you pay VAT on your purchase, but you also help to keep a British business operating; a business that pays corporation tax, where the employees pay income tax. Given the UK economy is rather precarious at this point in time, buying British is a nice way to support home-grown industries and the economy at the same time. 

British goods are ethically sourced 
If a product is produced and made in Britain, strong employment laws mean that you can be confident the workers have been treated well and are paid a fair wage. If you buy overseas, you can’t be truly sure that the items you are buying are as ethical as you may hope. 

British goods are better for the environment
When you buy an item that has been made in another country -- and particularly the far east -- you are buying an item that has made a significant impact on the environment. Shipping is an industry that contributes a frankly scary amount to carbon emissions; freight transport and air cargo are not much better. If you’re of an environmental mind, then you will be alarmed to learn the carbon footprints of products that have been bought overseas.  If you buy British products, however, the transport options are far more sustainable and don’t contain the same carbon footprint. 

British manufacturing is dying 
Manufacturing in Britain is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The only thing that will keep manufacturing alive is use, so you can help preserve manufacturing skills and jobs for the next generation if you choose to buy British. 

In Conclusion
It’s impossible to buy British every single time you make a purchase. However, if you make an effort to buy British on big ticket items such as furniture as well as everyday food, then you could make a real difference.