Quick and Easy Tips For Leading a More Organised Life

Very few of us are naturally fantastic organisers. If you know a well-organised person, chances are it's because they make the effort to be this way. Being organised can improve your life in so many ways; it can reduce your stress level, boost your mood and generally make you feel like you're 'on top' of things. Here are a few very easy ways you can work on becoming more organised, and reap all of the rewards that this brings.

Having a to-do list reminds you of exactly what tasks you need to tackle, and helps keep you motivated. Aim to get the most difficult things ticked off first. You could use a notepad and pen and keep a physical list, or use an app on your phone. Many of these can be installed onto your computer too and update instantly. So you can type up your list on the computer but have it ready to go on your phone whenever you need it. Writing things down and keeping lists is a surefire way to keep yourself organised. Whether it's your shopping list or long term goals, having something to refer back to means nothing ends up getting forgotten.

Decluttering is an ongoing process. Every time you go shopping you're bringing new things into the home, which will all take up valuable space. Getting rid of things you no-longer need and love stops your home from becoming messy and chaotic. Making sure everything you own has a place and things aren't just crammed into drawers and cupboards can also be useful. That way when you're tidying up you know exactly where everything has to be.

Even if it's just ten minutes a day. We're all busy in the week, and when you come home from work tidying up can feel like the last thing you want to do. But spending a few minutes each evening will really help you keep on top of things. You could load the dishwasher, wipe down kitchen counters, put any mess away and squirt some bleach in the sinks and toilets in your home. That way when you come to do a deep clean at the weekend you're not battling with a whole week's worth of accumulated mess. 

Washing and laying out your clothes, packing your bag and sorting your lunchbox are all things you can do the night before. This will make your mornings run much more smoothly. No frantically running around searching for lost paperwork or realising your work shirt is dirty at the bottom of the washing pile. No having to mess around ironing things while you're half asleep. A stressful morning really does start off the day on a bad foot, and so staying organised can help.

Getting organised with your meals means you're much more likely to save money and eat more healthily. Write up a meal plan for the week, and then buy your shopping based on this. This stops you from impulse buying at the supermarket, and prevents you from calling a takeaway because you don't know what to make. Buy a chalkboard and hang it up in your kitchen, each week make a habit of writing down what you're going to be eating for the week. That way when you come home you know exactly what you're having, and have all of the ingredients on hand to do so.

How do you stay organised?