Popular Dinner Party Dishes to Consider For Your Next Get Together

A dinner party is the perfect way to get friends and family together. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just want to treat loved ones to some fancy home cooking, a dinner party is a great way to go. Some dishes are popular dinner party choices because they're real crowd pleasers, look impressive but aren't too difficult to put together once your guests have arrived. Here are some popular dishes you could consider for your next dinner party.


Canapes give your guests something to nibble on while they mingle at the start of the evening. Pastry tartlets and little crackers with toppings of your choice are a great option. You could also create mini skewers with different pieces of meat, cheese and vegetables. Use flavour combinations you know work well- smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. Tomato, mozzarella and basil. Ham, chutney and cheddar. You can use these in whichever way you want, but whatever you create with them will taste delicious. Whatever you go for, keep it small and keep it light. These are designed to fire up your guests appetites rather than fill them up. Pinterest has plenty of ideas if you're looking for inspiration. 


Soup is always a great way to start. You can customise it to any flavours you want, or to whatever is in season. You can choose a recipe that's not too heavy meaning it won't fill people up too much before the main. Plus it can be made ahead of time, saving yourself a job when your guests arrive. It's simply a matter of heating it up, pouring into bowls and adding a garnish. Easy! Jamie Oliver has tonnes of great soup recipes here to consider. Pates and terrines served on warm crusty bread also works well. Again you can have all of this prepared and ready to go way ahead of your guests arrival, leaving you free to focus on the entertaining.


If you're looking to keep it traditional, you can't go far wrong with meat and two veg. But be sure to elevate it! You want to show off a bit and make a good impression. For example, you could choose a stunning piece of meat to be the star of the show. A rack of lamb, filet mignon or a loin of pork are some of the best cuts which would be perfectly suited for a dinner party when you're looking to impress. Go a little fancier with your potatoes and veg, this site will give you some ideas. Try to match the flavours of your starter with the flavours of your main. For example if you've added some chilli, garlic, cumin and paprika for an Indian twist on your tomato soup starter- bring in some Indian flavours into the main too. 


For desserts you could go for a showstopping centrepiece, or create individual portions for each guest. Fruit tarts, chocolate cakes or mousse, tiramisu, and fruit with cream or ice cream all make for fantastic desserts. For something more interactive you could even set up a chocolate fountain or fondue- you can buy the kits fairly cheaply online. Put some marshmallows, fruit and skewers onto the table and allow guests to help themselves- the perfect delicious informal dessert to finish the night.

What are your favourite dishes to serve at a dinner party?