Decorating Your Home in Glamorous Grey

There's no doubt that magnolia has had a good run when it comes to interiors. It's been the 'safe' neutral choice in homes for over a decade now. And while a little bland on it's own, the bright airiness that it brought to our homes (topped off it's ability to be paired with just about any accent colour) made it a fantastic choice. But magnolia has had it's day- and cool-toned, glamorous grey has taken it's place and it's now the neutral of choice. So if your home is due a redecoration then put down the creams, beiges and ivory magnolia shades and consider this option instead! Pairing beautifully with accents of blush pink and copper coloured metals, it's an excellent new way to spruce up your house. Here are a few gorgeous grey pieces you could consider.


You could either go for a full grey suite, or just add a grey accent chair to an existing black or white sofa. It could be anything from a very pale grey right the way through to charcoal- a good choice if you have children or pets. The one above is the 'Rupert' style from DFS. Chaise sofas are fab for added comfort as you can really lounge and put your feet up.


Rugs add warmth and interest to a room, and are the ideal way to add to your grey colour palette. You could go with a soft and shaggy rug, or a shorter pile with a print or design like this Moroccan trellis rug. These are very popular at the moment and you can find them sold from lots of places online.


Your grey, black or white sofa (or bed) will look fantastic with cushions and throws in various shades of grey. You can have fun here and mix and match different shades, sizes and textures. This helps to add depth and interest to the room. It also makes it cosier and more homely looking too. You can find some gorgeous designs such as this elephant print cushion on sites like Etsy. 


You could paint your walls light grey or white, and add a grey wallpaper to the feature wall. Farrow and Ball are a high quality paint company which offer a wide range of shades. Some particularly nice ones to consider from them are 'Calluna', 'Cornforth White' and 'Ammonite.' These are all paler greys so will keep your home looking light, bright and airy.


Decorative pieces will finish the look of any room. You could house your plants in rustic grey cement planters, and add grey coloured candles- Yankee have a good selection of these. Lavender Vanilla, Silver Birch, Rainforest, Sea Coral and Candy Cane Forest are just a few. Something like this marble  clock could be a good choice. Marble is the perfect way to bring in grey accessories, and is very on trend at the moment. Check out this post for more marble home decor ideas.

Have you made the transition from magnolia to grey in your home yet?