Updating Your Home Decor For Autumn

It's nice to update your home for the season, and one easy way to do this is with the decor. But that doesn't mean you need to get the paintbrush out every time you fancy a change! If you keep your home fairly neutral it means you can have fun with accessories without it ever looking overwhelming. If you're looking to update your neutral living room for autumn, here are some ideas.

Chunky cable knit cushions and throws look ultra cosy and snuggly for the colder weather. Fluffy and  faux furs are also a good choice, as well as soft and comfy fleece. These kinds of textures will bring warmth and interest into the room. Pile them up on beds, armchairs and sofas to instantly make your home look more autumnal.

Obvious autumn colours are reds, burnt oranges, coppers and golds- shades that reflect the changing leaves. But any dark shades are good choices for autumn and winter. Burgundy and berry reds, deep purples, dark green and navy. Bringing in these kinds of rich shades will instantly transform your neutral room and make it look perfect for the colder seasons. Another way to add colour to the room is by displaying seasonal flowers. Things like sunflowers, gerberas and dahlias look really pretty, you could either treat yourself to a bunch every couple of weeks or cut some from your garden if you have any flowering. 

If the rest of your decor is fairly simple and neutral, you can really have fun with pattern. For example you could add a fun accent chair to a plain three piece suite. You could liven up a plain bed with tonnes of patterned soft furnishings. Tartan is a very trendy choice over the autumn, you could also get things like cushions with leaf designs printed on or rustic floral designs. Again they will bring in interest and cosiness which is ideal for the autumn.

Finally you can finish off the look with decorative accessories. This could be with scented candles, homemade pot pourri or an autumn leaf wreath on your front door. You could scour the shops for any other seasonal little bits and pieces too. If you have a gallery wall in your home, you could switch out some of the frames with cute autumn inspired prints.

How do you decorate your home for the autumn?