Bored? Use Your Phone!

Being bored is never fun, is it? Being bored is, at best, something that feels like a waste of time and, at worst, something that can lead to health issues, all the way from physical problems like obesity to mental health issues like depression. So although some studies do suggest that being bored is good for us in moderation (it helps us learn how to be more patient, and de-stress, for example), for the most part, it’s something to be avoided.  The problem is when boredom hits, it can be hard to work out what to do. You might not be able to just get up and leave the house, for example, and if you’re on a tight budget, you might not be able to spend money on things that would entertain you. Don’t worry, though; if you’ve got a smartphone handy, you can stop boredom in its tracks. We’re not talking about scrolling through social media feeds for hours, though; there are plenty more things you can do, so keep reading to find out what they are. 

Play Games 
If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to kill boredom it’s a game - you’ll need to use all your focus on playing, and that’s going to stop your mind from getting bored and wandering off in all directions. And if there’s one thing that your smartphone can definitely offer you, it’s games in all categories and genres, many of which will be free. To start with, look at the apps available when you search for games - so many will appear that there’s sure to be something (and probably more than one thing) that will keep you occupied for as long as you need. Or why not look online and go to a website that offers games? You can check out, for example, if you want to play casino games and potentially win some prizes, and there are lots of other types of games you can play too. Pick a few to try out, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time passes. 

Make A Film
For any budding Spielbergs or Scorseses out there, did you know you can use your smartphone to make a film? You’ll more than likely already know you can take video on your phone, but it might surprise you to find out that you can actually put a film together on the device as well.  Through various apps (some of which might already be installed on your phone, so it’s a good idea to check), you can edit your footage together, add credits and title cards, add music and sound effects, and even throw in some special effects and CGI for good measure. When the masterpiece is complete, you can upload it to your website or a video-sharing site like YouTube from your phone too - it’s a fun way to be creative and really let your imagination run wild. 

Learn Something
Your phone is the gateway to all the knowledge in the world - or at least a lot of it - so if you’re bored, why not learn something new? You can take courses through your phone and learn a new language or a musical instrument or how to be a better gardener, for example. You can even work on a degree using your smartphone. Or, if you prefer to do things in a less formal way, you can just use the search engine app to search for the answers to various questions you might have, and learn fascinating facts. Learning new things is great for staving off boredom, but it’s also good for keeping your brain healthy and reducing the risk of cognitive decline, so it’s definitely worth spending at least a little time on.