Modernising Your Outdated Apartment on a Budget

Have you ever walked into your apartment and thought it looked more like a 1990s sitcom set rather than a trendy 2023 living space? If so don’t stress, here's how you can give that retro space a modern twist- on a budget. 

1. Let’s Talk Paint
Okay, so you know that drab, grandma-ish wall colour you’ve got going on? Time to ditch it! Dive into neutrals like soft greys, whites, and taupes. They’re all the rage right now and super versatile. Oh, and a pro tip: paint the ceiling a smidge lighter than your walls. Trust me, it makes your place look like it’s had a lil growth spurt.

2. Light Up Your Life
Ugh, those old light fixtures gotta go. But don’t worry; and LED bulbs are here to save the day (and your energy bill). And if you wanna get all cosy and magical? String up some fairy lights. Instant vibe upgrade!

3. All About Those Floating Shelves
Lacking storage? Say hello to floating shelves! Not only do they hold all your bits and bobs, but they’re also perfect for showing off those cute plants or random trinkets you’ve collected over the years. If you want to create a more industrial look, then why not go for something a little different? Let’s chat about pipe shelf brackets for a hot second. These industrial beauties are total game-changers. They give your shelves that uber-cool, urban look without costing an arm and a leg. Plus, they’re sturdy as heck, so you can load them up without a worry. It’s definitely a must-add to your modern apartment makeover list!

4. Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo
Minimalism is the new rage. Toss out stuff collecting dust and make space for, well, space! And once you’ve got rid of the old, slide in some sneaky storage solutions like beds with space underneath.

5. Old Furniture, New Tricks
Before you chuck out that tired old chair, think: DIY. A splash of paint here, some new knobs there, and voilĂ , you’ve got yourself a brand-new piece.

6. Be Your Own Picasso
Who said art had to be pricey? Get creative! Frame random magazine pages, or if you’re feeling artsy, get a canvas and splash on some paint. The wonkier, the better!

7. Green is the New Everything
Bring in some green buddies. Plants like snake plants and succulents are not just pretty to look at, but they’re also super easy to take care of. Win-win!

8. Play Dress-Up with Textiles
Swap out those ancient curtains for something light and airy. And if you’re feeling wild, throw in a rug or two. Instant cosy vibes!

9. Bye-Bye, Old School Decor
It’s time to say goodbye to anything that screams “old” and usher in sleek, clean, and simple decor items. Think candles, minimalistic frames, and cute knick-knacks.

10. Sky’s the Limit
Do you have limited floor space? Think UP! Tall shelves, wall desks, and other vertical goodies can give your place a sleek, modern feel.

11. Thrift Shop Hopping: Vintage Meets Modern
Thrifting is not only fab for your wallet but also an eco-friendly way to spice up your space. Dive into those cluttered aisles and hunt for vintage vases, quirky wall art, or even an old-school lamp that you can spruce up with a fresh lampshade. Sometimes, the most unique and conversation-starting pieces come from these unexpected places. And honestly, mixing a bit of old-school charm with your modern vibe? Chef’s kiss perfection! 

12. Mix-n-Match Magic: Eclectic is In!
Perfection is out, and eclectic is in! Don’t get too hung up on everything matching. Scoop up those mismatched cushion covers or that oddly shaped coffee mug that speaks to your soul. The trick is to find a common thread—maybe it’s a colour, a texture, or just that zesty flair of personality. When you mix different styles and eras, you create a space that’s uniquely you. So go ahead and embrace the quirky, the offbeat, and the unconventional. After all, your home should tell your story with all its delightful plot twists!