Is Seltzer Damaging to our Teeth?

Lots of us love adding a little energy and hydration spike to our day with a little seltzer fizz, but what is the effect on our teeth? If you’re a lover of seltzer drinks such as sugar-free bubbly water rather than traditional carbonated drinks then you’ll want to keep reading, as during this article we’re going to talk through all the things we can and should be doing in order to protect our teeth and stay healthy. 

What effect does seltzer have on us? 
Seltzer gets its bubbles from being mixed with carbon dioxide in a high pressure environment. Carbonating water makes the water acidic, which then creates an acidic environment around the mouth which is what goes on to weaken enamel. Enamel is the hard protective layer that sits on top of our teeth, this protective layer when not taken care of weakens over time. This is problematic for a number of reasons, firstly because teeth become more prone to decay and sensitivity, but also because it allows for discolouration. 

Should we just be drinking water? 
Technically speaking it’s been reported that there’s zero difference in hydration levels between still and carbonated water without additives. As long as you are enjoying seltzer water in moderation and maintaining good oral hygiene you should be able to drink seltzer without it causing long term damage to your teeth, and if this is an option as opposed to surgery drinks then it’s always going to come in first.  

A handy tip to note is that water which contains fluoride can actually naturally help fight against the development of cavities through strengthening the enamel layer, and so if you want to keep your mouth healthy then drinking fluoride water could seriously help. 

Tips to keep your mouth healthy 
Daily brushing is really important if you want to keep your teeth healthy, flossing and brushing is the only way in which to keep bacteria at bay and if this isn’t done you’ll quickly accumulate a build up. Keep hydrated. When our mouths are dehydrated they become a better environment for germs to multiply due to a dry mouth. Attend regular check-ups with your dentist in Tunbridge Wells. Your dentist will be able to pick up on signs of decay and gum disease long before you can and the quicker these things are caught the easier and cheaper they are to fix. Use straws to drink fizzy drinks. In order to protect your teeth as best you can use straws to keep fluid off the teeth. Sugar and acids are big players in the deterioration of our teeth and keeping them from the enamel layer as much as possible is best. 

Like everything in life balance is key, you can of course enjoy a seltzer with no guilt as long as it’s not all the time. Water is still the best thing for our bodies in that it’s extremely hydrating and won’t cause any decaying on the teeth. If you’re worried about your teeth's enamel or how much you’re consuming then speak to your dentist.