Dental SEO for Attracting New Patients

When a patient is searching for a dental practice online they will come across a long list of websites. If you want to be chosen from amongst that list then you need dental search engine optimisation or dental SEO. This means that having a dental website is not sufficient, rather you need an optimised dental website which Google recognises as credible and trustworthy and is happy to list on the first page of the search results. To do this you need to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team. They will be able to put together a fantastic website that is fully optimised, helping you to become one of the most successful dental practices in your area. You may have an existing website or you may be looking for a brand new website, your digital marketing team will put together a marketing campaign accordingly. If you have an existing website then this can be optimised to meet current trends in digital marketing or if you would like a brand new website for your dental practice then this can be created with SEO techniques in place from the beginning, so that you are attracting organic traffic immediately. 

Types of SEO 
There are three different types of dental SEO that make up the ideal SEO campaign. These are on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. Ideally you need to make sure that all types of SEO have been fully addressed. If you do not have a SEO campaign in place then your website will be lost in the endless list of dental websites and it will be difficult for you to expand or grow your business. The higher you rank on the search results list, the greater chance there is of increasing website traffic and by making sure that you have an excellent website you can then convert this traffic into loyal patients at your practice. 

Technical SEO 
Technical SEO ensures that you have a fully functioning website which can be accessed from all devices without any errors or delays. If you have a slow website in this era of digital technology your website may as well be non-existent. If your website cannot be accessed properly from mobile phones, again it may as well be non-existent. It is important that your website is designed for the modern generation, which means all information should be at one's fingertips instantly. If not, you can be sure that you are losing patients to your competition. 

On-page and off-page SEO 
The website itself should consist of optimised content, this means finding out what dental issues or which treatments and procedures are most commonly searched for within your geographical vicinity and tailoring your content accordingly. This is also known as keyword research and is very important in making sure that you are meeting the requirements of your community and letting them know that you are able to offer them the treatments and procedures that they are looking for. Off-page SEO helps attract further attention to your business, this includes social media marketing, blogging and other similar digital marketing techniques which are carried out online. Speak to a digital marketing team today. They will be able to create an SEO campaign which addresses all three types of dental SEO, making sure that your dental practice is seen and heard by the right people and allowing you to be a success amongst the competition.