What are veneers and how can they help?

Many people today are choosing veneers in London to help them get the smile they have always dreamed of. The treatment delivers great results that can totally transform the appearance of the teeth. This is an exploration of what it involves and some of the benefits that come with getting veneers.

What are veneers?

Veneers in London are a means of cosmetically enhancing how the smile looks. They are made from porcelain which is shaped and crafted to fit the individual patient’s teeth perfectly. The pieces of porcelain are as thin as possible to give a natural look and feel.

What happens during treatment?

The first step is to ascertain if the patient is suited to treatment with veneers. Their teeth and gums should be healthy, and free from any issues such as gum disease. If the patient does have such a condition, then it must be resolved before veneers can be considered.

If the dentist and patient are happy to go ahead, then there will be records taken of the shape and position of the teeth. This is to allow the dentist to craft the veneers into a perfect match for the teeth. The goal is that the patient gets a fantastic smile but one which appears to be completely natural.

The teeth are then prepared for veneers with a little smoothing and shaping before being fitted with temporary veneers. The patient returns to have permanent veneers fitted at a later appointment.


This is arguably the biggest benefit to having the smile repaired with veneers. The patient no longer feels self-conscious about flawed teeth that are stained and chipped, they feel good about their appearance. When this occurs, many people find that they enjoy more success at work and in terms of forging new friendships and relationships. Self-confidence about the smile can have many positive ripple effects on all areas of life.

Better oral health

If a person has gone to the trouble of transforming their smile by opting for treatment with veneers, they are likely to want to keep it that way. In this sense, they are encouraged to make their oral health a priority. Brushing twice daily and flossing at night are no longer something that is done most of the time, but an essential part of self-care. This means that the patient is more likely to have healthy teeth and gums, and for their veneers to last for many years.

If the oral health is good, then better general health is likely to follow. The condition of the teeth and gums affects the body, so taking good care of them means a significantly reduced risk of developing a range of health conditions.

Encouragement to improve lifestyle

The person who has achieved a brilliant new smile with veneers is less likely to continue with harmful habits. They often find that they do not want to continue with their smoking habit for fear of harming the new look, and sometimes choose to limit other unhealthy choices such as fizzy drink consumption.