Using Invisilign to Achieve Straight Teeth

It is a sad fact that one of the most common oral health issues amongst adults living in the United Kingdom today is still that of having to live with crooked or misaligned teeth, a condition that has a wide variety of treatments. This condition can cause someone to live with discomfort in their mouth and can lead to a person's standards of oral health and hygiene being lower than desirable.

There is a strong link between misaligned or crooked teeth and the development of issues such as gum disease or tooth decay, as the teeth may prove difficult to clean fully when using a toothbrush. This can then lead to someone having to visit the dental practice more frequently to receive treatment for issues that may be avoidable by straightening a person's teeth.

There are two things many adults want for any tooth alignment treatment they have, they want the results they desire and they want a treatment that is discreet. Many of these adults live very busy lives and are not keen on the idea of having a tooth alignment treatment that can be openly seen by others around them or that they come into contact with.

For patients who are looking for a tooth alignment treatment that is completely discreet Invisalign Luton may be the answer they are looking for, as this device has the ability to become practically invisible when worn in the mouth. This treatment will also deliver the great results that any patient is looking for, giving them the straight teeth that they desire.

A treatment that patients will engage with

Made from strong and clear moulded plastic, Invisalign is an aligner that has the unique ability to disappear from the sight of others once in place in the patient's mouth. This allows the patient to have the knowledge that their teeth straightening can remain totally private and feel confident about wearing their aligners throughout their treatment.

The patient must attend a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist before moving forward with any tooth alignment treatment, as they will need to have their teeth and gums fully examined and their needs assessed. At this consultation scans and/or X-rays will be taken of the patient's mouth and teeth as these will help in the creation of a series of aligners to be used in the patient's treatment.

Each aligner within the treatment course should be worn by the patient for two weeks before being removed and replaced with the next aligner in the series, each aligner will play its own role within the patient’s treatment.

All patients who are receiving tooth alignment treatment should be made aware that their treatment may take between twelve and eighteen months to complete, while this may appear to be a big commitment to make, they will end up with the straight and aligned teeth that they desire.

Improved oral health and hygiene

For patients living with misaligned or crooked teeth, alignment treatment may represent the best way to improve their oral health and hygiene standards, as treatment will make the teeth easier to keep clean and help to combat common dental issues. Those adult patients who are looking for a modern treatment may wish to investigate Invisalign.