Improving teeth and oral health with Invisalign

Living with misaligned or crooked teeth can cause a patient to have to undergo unnecessary distress when it comes to their oral health and hygiene, as the treatments to realign a patient’s teeth have been widely available in the United Kingdom for some time. By helping adults to realign their teeth into the perfect positions in the mouth a dentist can move them away from the risks posed to their oral health by common dental issues such as gum disease, plaque build-up, or tooth decay, as well as giving patients a visual improvement to their smiles. Many adults who live with misaligned teeth believe that tooth alignment treatment in the UK is only made available for children who are approaching their early teen years, in fact, many of these adults may have been offered treatment in their teen years, but decided not to engage with the treatment. But, these adults need to be made aware that it is not too late for them to gain the straight teeth that they may desire.

By using a modern tooth alignment treatment, such as Invisalign St Albans, adult patients can receive the treatment they feel they need and finally gain the straight teeth they are seeking. This will help them to receive improvements in their oral health and hygiene standards that will enable them to keep oral issues at bay and enjoy a standard of oral hygiene they may have thought impossible to achieve.

Resolving the concerns of the patient

When designers and developers were looking to create a new style of alignment device they were aware that they would have to address the main concerns of the patients any new device would be intended for, as this would be the only way to see an increase in the number of adults that were engaging with tooth alignment treatment.

First, any new aligner must be capable of delivering the results that any patient should be able to expect from treatment. Next, any new aligner had to be discreet, as many of the target patients for this new aligner did not engage with treatment when they were in their teen years purely because of how treatment made their mouth appear, as metal and wire braces are normally used to treat tooth alignment issues in teens.

Invisalign is a treatment device that can give the patient the great results they are seeking and a discreet treatment that can hide from the eyes of other people when worn in place in the mouth.

Committing to treatment

Should the patient choose to be treated with this new style of aligner they will need to attend a consultation appointment where scans and/or X-rays can be taken of the patient's teeth, these will then be used to create a series of aligners that will match the patient’s needs. Each of the aligners should be worn for two weeks and then replaced with the next in the series.

Patients should be aware that their tooth alignment treatment may take some time to complete, normally between twelve and eighteen months. By the end of treatment, the patient should have the teeth that they desire.

Making the change

For patients who are looking to make a change and have their teeth realigned, Invisalign may represent a modern treatment that they may wish to consider, as many of those who have tried this treatment have spoken highly about it following their realignment procedure.