Dentist Stevenage: progress through experience

Serving a community for over 25 years allows a dental practice to benefit from patients who have moved further afield but who still return for their dental care. It's a testimony to a job well done that patients who have moved away still return and recommend their friends and family to use this dental practice. Their experienced, dynamic team has embraced modern techniques and technology to constantly evolve the dental practice. The ambition of this dentist Stevenage is to allow patients to experience the benefits that modern dentistry and technology bring.

Always striving to improve

In modern dentistry, standing still is not an option. Dental science is innovative and is constantly improving all aspects of the dental experience. Dental anxiety has for decades caused patients to only visit the dentist when absolutely necessary. In many cases, this has caused dental and gum damage. Modern dentistry has made enormous strides in tackling the problem of dental anxiety. Developing an empathetic chairside manner is a skill which has become a feature of modern dentistry. All staff from reception to the dentist principal strive to make patients feel relaxed and comfortable from the time that they arrive at the dental surgery. Technology is also playing its part in helping patients to overcome dental anxiety. Equipment and techniques are already being used to improve the way that dentists administer anaesthetics. One such invention is a wand which eliminates the use of a syringe.

Proactivity produces longevity

Preventive dentistry has become an increasingly important part of twenty-first-century dentistry. It's always better to identify and treat a condition as early as possible. Teeth are a very important component of the human body as they provide us with the means to chew our food and to express our emotions, by smiling. Once our baby teeth have all been lost and our adult teeth have erupted through our gums, that is our set of teeth for life. If a proper, routine oral hygiene regime is followed then there is no reason why our teeth should not last the duration of our lives. The earlier children are introduced to dental practice the better the chances are that their teeth will be properly looked after. 

Practical and cosmetic uses

It is important to remember that the primary reason for our teeth is to chew our food, which ensures that our stomachs can cope. It is equally important to remember that our teeth are used to smile which is beneficial to our mental health. 

Oral maintenance

The dental team is on hand to advise, educate and treat patients in all matters relating to their oral maintenance. Using the right toothbrush, performing the correct technique and the frequency of brushing and flossing are areas all covered by the dental team. Teeth whitening using the correct solution is a procedure that, if done incorrectly, can cause discomfort or damage to the gums. Regular six monthly dental visits ensure that any problem that is starting to manifest will be identified and treated before it develops into something more serious.

Your dental team keeping you smiling

A dental team that asks themselves how they would like to be treated if they were the patient and then delivers the care and treatment with care, kindness and respect, is a dental team that cares. This formula has been the bedrock of this dental practice and resulted in over 25 years of happy, repeat-visit patients.