Days Out: Fun and Excitement With Virtual Reality in London

Looking for something exciting to do that's a bit different? Why not consider a virtual reality experience in London. Whether it's a special occasion like a hen or stag party, a team building opportunity with colleagues or a fun day out with the family a virtual reality experience in London will give you a memorable and enjoyable day out. Whether you're new to virtual reality or you are an experienced gamer, a free-roam virtual reality experience is second to none. The last few decades have seen significant advances in virtual reality and the gaming world, and with plenty of media coverage, virtual reality experiences have excellent ratings and reviews on Google and TripAdvisor. Well worth a look if you're still not convinced!

What to expect with virtual reality experience? 
If you are new to the world of virtual reality, then you can expect a thrilling, exciting, fast-paced and action-packed experience. A virtual reality experience in London gives you truly immersive gameplay using virtual reality headsets, wrap-around display screens and a large play area where you can walk, run, jump and enjoy the adventure as a team. You can work together to defend the world from an extraterrestrial invasion, or you can fight off a horde of zombies. With a demo experience to start off with, you can enjoy these games to their maximum potential. A demo experience itself can be highly memorable, especially for those who are experiencing virtual reality for the first time and will give you an excellent taste of what a good virtual reality experience in London can bring. 

How big are the groups?
The games can be enjoyed in groups of 5, and if you have a larger group, then you can book more sessions. Those who are under 18 have to be supervised by an adult as some virtual reality games are of a graphic nature. However there are specific games that are designed to be suitable for everyone in the family so check when you're booking what the suitability is based on who you're going with.

How long do sessions last?
A full session will last approximately 90 minutes, and this will include check-in, an introduction to virtual reality, a demo experience and virtual reality gameplay, followed by scores and feedback, which can be enjoyed over drinks or a light meal. This means if you're not local to London, you have plenty of time to enjoy the city and still make a virtual reality experience part of your trip.