Travelling To The World Of Manga

There’s something strange about anime series. The rise of streaming services such as Netflix has exposed the British population to high-quality anime we didn’t even know existed. If you’ve been watching series such as Death Note, Koro Sensei, or even Fullmetal Alchemist, you’ve probably realised that these creative stories were first published in manga format. You only need a quick trip to your local Waterstone shop to explore the manga aisle. While manga books used to be hard to find only a few years ago, they are now accessible in your typical shops. It’s easy to see how a random discovery on a streaming platform can suddenly awaken a new passion for manga books. There’s a lot of attention to details and creativity that goes into the design of a manga story. You’d be surprised by the length and complexity of some of them! Manga are hugely popular because they offer a different take on the typical comic book storyline. If you’ve been following the latest series or film releases on streaming and at the cinema, you’ve probably noticed that comic books are a significant source of inspiration. Manga are a different kind of comics. They rely on adorable characters with hidden talents. Additionally, the plot is always a big element of the manga – and the storyline can get surprisingly complex. Finally, there’s a lesson in most manga books. For a start, it takes you to the heart of the Japanese culture with great accuracy. Additionally, many Manga artists also include educational content for their younger readers – which is a great insight for people like you and me to discover more about Japan. The best way to bring your love of manga to the next level is to visit Japan. 

Prepare ahead of your trip
Going to Japan is undeniably an expensive trip. Therefore, you need to prepare ahead and budget accordingly. Most households choose to set a family budget that lets them manage their finances. As such, you can prepare your travel savings. Visiting Japan can be costly; therefore, you’ll have to plan your expenses ahead, and that’s precisely where your saving pots come in handy. However, if you are wondering exactly how much to plan for your holiday, you should take a look at this helpful budgeting article about Japan. Indeed, according to fellow travellers, Japan is comparable in price to Western Europe, and you might even find that Tokyo is cheaper than London. 

Where do I go?
That’s the biggest question that enthusiastic travellers face. Where should your trip through Japan take you? There is so much to see that it can be tricky to organise your visits and travels in the country. If you’re worried about planning everything by yourself, you can choose to explore Japan with On the Go Tours and rely on the knowledge of experienced guides. Ultimately, for first-time visitors, a guided tour is the best alternative as you’re sure to find someone who speaks your language and can explain the cultural differences. Additionally, booking via a tour can also save you a lot of money if you want to make the most of your holiday to visit sites and explore the many cities. 

Not everybody speaks English
English is not fluently spoken in Japan. In fact, aside from large cities, you’ll struggle to find locals who can understand you. Joining a tour can avoid many issues. But if you prefer to visit on your own, you can learn a few words of Japanese to get by and read signs in rural areas. Duolingo has a beginner course that can do just the trick to prepare you ahead of your trip. You don’t need to become bilingual, so don’t pressure yourself into speaking perfect Japanese. You need to be able to navigate safely in town and read menus and street names. Alternatively, the locals are used to meeting tourists, so you can revert to drawing, miming, or simply smiling and nodding at each other. Who needs language when there are so many ways of communicating? 

Bring the shopping experience to the next level 
You’ve probably heard of vending machines that sell puppies or used underwear in Japan. But the shopping experience doesn’t stop at the vending machine. You can discover fantastic shops that don’t exist anywhere else. If you want to feel like a manga character, take a look at the Don Quijote shop by the Shibuya Station in Tokyo. You can purchase anime apparel and Japanese-flavoured Kit Kat bars. Enough to throw your very own Manga Party Night at home! 

Join local groups to make new friends
There’s no other way to visit a country than to meet its inhabitants. Of course, making friends with new people isn’t easy. But, as a manga enthusiast, you can look up the latest fun events to meet friends in Japan and find people who love manga just as much as you do. You’ll be pleased to know that you can also find expats in Japan who will be happy to show you their favourite shops, restaurants and hotels in town. 

Enter a new world of entertainment
Japanese culture is not afraid of experimenting and trying out new things. So, if you’re ready for an extraordinary adventure, dive into some of the most bizarre restaurants in Tokyo. The Lockup Restaurant, for instance, combines delicious food and cocktails with all the monsters and scary company you’d expect from a haunted house. Be ready for jump scares and laughs! Or, if you prefer a friendly theme, you should head to the Alice in Wonderland restaurant in Ginza. 

Finally, see how beloved manga art is
Finally, the holy grail of your trip: manga museums! Japan has several manga sites, starting by the heaven for manga lovers in Kyoto, the International Manga Museum which has the world's largest collection.! Feel free to take a book off the shelf and read, the museum encourages visitors to relax and enjoy the fantastic stories. 

Manga lovers rejoice, there’s a lot to discover during a trip to Japan! Exploring the culture and quirkiness of the country is a fantastic source of positivity and happy memories for everyone who love to lose themselves in the manga stories.