7 Ways To Save Money On Your Next Holiday

Everyone deserves a holiday now and again. If you’re on a tight budget but eager to get away, here are seven ways in which you can afford your next holiday.

Avoid peak season
Prices of hotels, flights and attractions are often more expensive during peak season. For beach destinations, this tends to be June until August, while ski resorts have their peak season from December to February. Travelling out of peak season can usually get you access to discounts due to the lower demand, however the chances of good weather conditions can be lowered. Travelling just out of peak season is often the best way to increase the likeliness of good weather (i.e. in September when travelling to a beach resort). 

Consider a midweek break
If you’re planning a short break, a midweek break could work out cheaper than a weekend break. Flights and hotel room prices are generally cheaper during the week when there is less demand.

Book far in advance – or last minute
How far ahead you book can make a big difference to the price too. Many airlines and hotels offer early bird discounts to holidaymakers that book nine months in advance (and sometimes the opportunity to pay in instalments to make it more affordable). Alternatively, you can wait until the week before to book a hotel or airline. This is a little more risky, but could get you huge discounts as many hotels and airlines will slash prices last minute to fill empty seats and rooms.

Look for package deals
Package deals are a stress-free way to save money. Flights, accommodation and sometimes other elements such as food & drink or transfers are bundled together at a discounted rate. Many travel companies offer these deals, but they don’t last for long so you have to be prepared to act fast. 

Keep it local
The further you travel, generally the more it will cost. It’s generally cheaper to stay in Europe than travel outside of Europe as you’ll need to pay more for longer flights. It’s even possible to ditch flights and drive somewhere locally instead. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the UK – a staycation could save you money on all kinds of costs associated with going abroad from currency exchange fees to visas.

Book hotels direct
Booking comparison sites can often help you pinpoint the cheapest hotel in a certain area, but you can sometimes save costs further by then booking this hotel directly. Many hotels such as this 4 star hotel will even advertise this on their site. This is worth always looking into before you choose to book through a comparison site. 

Consider different accommodation choices
Hotels aren’t the only form of accommodation worth considering. Options such as going camping or staying in a mobile home can work out a lot cheaper if you don’t mind doing away with a few luxuries. If you’re travelling as a group, you can also look into renting a self-catered villa or an apartment.