Who Knew Fire-Resistance Could Be So Stylish?

We are in the era of practical decor and interior design. Homeowners are slowly but surely being introduced to futurism with regards to home practicality. Futurism is the most cutting edge style of interior design, it incorporates complex materials, a new take on shapes, size and functionality. Witnessing an artistic and construction revolution is amazing but in truth, we’re just at the very early stages of it. That’s why you see very small gains in the everyday home. You might be wondering how you could make your home a little bit more cutting edge yourself. But changing the entire home is a very big step, so it's best to just begin with one room. Start with the kitchen, as this is a room which uses many different materials. In the modern day, designers are trying to strike a balance with fire-resistant materials by making them perform their duty but also making them stylish.

Wood needs replacing
Just take a look around your kitchen and stand in awe at how naive the designers were. Why are wooden cupboards in a place where you regularly cook? Even if you don’t have open flames and use an electrical cooker, there is still a chance that a fire could start in the kitchen. So why on earth would anyone place a flammable material such as wood in the kitchen? Instead you should buy cupboard made from metal and glass. Metal cupboards were pretty normal in the 1950s. However wood became more stylish because you could carve amazing shapes and designs into the doors. Yet, the tables have turned and now in the futurism style, metal is making a comeback. Cupboards don’t have to have conventional doors either, as you can use glass for this instead. See-through glass is by far the most popular although, you can also use opaque glass as well. To give the kitchen a little more balance, fitting a marble backsplash would prevent the room from looking cold. Bare metal is very popular such as stainless steel, but you can also have painted metal cupboards. Thus, from afar you can’t tell if they’re wooden or metal.

A smarter kitchen
Star Trek had some amazing interior design ideas. Many of the ones we most liked, were electronic smart appliances. Just push a button and you get what you want. Controlling the kitchen more effortlessly is all part and parcel the futurism style. The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart fridge is exactly the kind of equipment that a kitchen from our dreams of the future would have. The fridge has food management software to help you keep up with what groceries are nearing their expiration date, what groceries are running close to empty and what the optimal temperature might be to keep your food as fresh as possible as the ambient temperature changes i.e. seasonal shifts. But many people are hesitant to put large electronics in their kitchen because again, the issue of fire is ever-present. But with professional building products such as a QuelCast Fire Collar you can rest assured that any kind of fire in the room will not spread to the other rooms. When you have so many wires going through a wall, the concern is that a fire in the room will spread through the small holes which the wires enter from. With this kind of fire collar you have at least 4 hours of protection which by that time, the fire will have already been put out. 

Chip off the old block
Islands and countertops made from wood are just asking for trouble. Even if the countertop is covered in faux marble, underneath it's still wooden. But you can have an amazingly stylish island have also have it fire-resistant by using pure granite. Granite is a very strong stone, it's incredibly resistant to heat, even hot pans will not mark or harm the surface. With modern coatings, granite countertops can be given a nice sheen making them reflect light. Dark granite even works well in a bright kitchen because of this. Granite is also becoming much cheaper than ever before, so much so that it's brought the price of marble down. The modern home has to blend functionality with practicality. We’re in the early stages of futurism, so making a home that is going to seamlessly transition into the years ahead is a must for any interior design addict. Start off with changing the cupboards to metal and glass, making them safer and look more connected with the rest of the room.