What Your Ride Says About You

Okay, so perhaps your ride doesn’t say as much about you as a personality test, but certain traits do tend to go along with ownership of particular vehicles. The question is, what are they? And do any of them apply to you? Take a look at what these various vehicles say about the people that own them.

Hybrid Car
Brian from Family Guy was once mocked repeatedly for his ownership of a Toyota Prius. But you can’t imagine the writers choosing to belittle owners of hybrid cars today: they’re just too familiar and not nearly as pretentious as electric cars. Hybrid cars are still for people who care about the environment. But they’re also popular among young gentlemen who are just sick and tired of having to drive around town, belching out diesel fumes.

Conversion Van
With van insurance coming down in price all the time, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are choosing vans as their runabouts. Vans used to mean that you were broke, but these days it’s just a sign that you have a spirit for adventure and want to travel wherever life takes you. No, not just the local caravan site, but right out into the heart of the wilderness.

The Saloon
Once upon a time, saloon cars were ubiquitous. Practically everybody owned one because other form factors for cars hadn’t been invented yet. Remember, we only got crossovers after Nissan released the Qashqai in the mid-2000s. Sedans say that you’re a family man with a regular income and a middle-of-the-road job. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. You’re the type of person who keeps the world running while everybody else is screaming their heads off, worrying about the latest advert from Gillette. There’s plenty of boot space for the family’s luggage and a spacious rear end for booster seats for the kids.

The Supercar
Money talks. So if you own a supercar, you’ve probably got a beautiful partner. You’re also likely to be a bit of an extrovert. People follow you around with their smartphones wherever you go, so you’ve gotten used to all the attention. You probably own a mansion or two as well, each complete with high-security garages with automatic doors. If not, you certainly come across this way!

The Crossover
What kind of person owns a crossover? It’s hard to say really because they’re so popular these days. Crossovers probably mean that you live out of town a little bit and need something sturdy enough to weather the harsh terrain on your way into the urban jungle. Owning a crossover also might mean that you’re a newlywed couple and need something with both space and excellent mileage.

The Muscle Car
If you own a muscle car, there’s a good chance that you know a thing or two about cars and their history. Muscle cars are from a golden age of the automobile when fuel was dirt cheap, and nobody cared about the environment, pollution, or anything else for that matter. With a muscle car, you get to live carefree as if you are part of a bygone age.