Sprucing Up Your First Home- On a Budget!

Your home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make. Up until quite recently, getting onto the property ladder at all was difficult enough, the recession meant that borrowing was extremely limited and many of us were put in a position where earning our own home was just impossible. Thankfully, things have moved forward now. Companies are building new properties all the time, and government help to buy schemes have meant that owning a home is once again within reach. However, after paying your mortgage deposit you’re always going to left pretty broke, and so finding ways to decorate and personalise your new home needs to be done on a budget. Here are a few ideas for going about it!

Collect things before you move
If you know you're going to be moving in the future, start gathering whatever you can early on. If you see reduced homeware items in the sale for example, pick them up. Start gathering essentials such as cutlery, bath towels and bedding ahead of time. This allows you to spread the cost as much as possible so you're not having to buy everything all at once when you move in. 

Search for free items
Places like Gumtree, Preloved and Craigslist always have freebies and items that people are giving away. It's also worth checking local Facebook groups, or even just asking around family and friends. Most people will be happy to help and donate items when they know you've just moved into your first home. So if you need something it's worth keeping an eye out, as you may well be able to snag it for no money at all. 

Rummage bargain shops
Inexpensive high street shops such as pound shops, B&M, TK Maxx and Primark Home all sell inexpensive bits and pieces. Supermarkets are also a good place to look, the homeware sections in the bigger stores are fantastic and you can pick up some nice items without spending much at all. Ikea is another shop to search to find all of your essentials at bargain prices, things like photo frames and plants are just a couple of pounds each and will make your spaces look much more homely. You could scour charity shops, or look for bargains online on sites like eBay too. 

Upcycle and DIY
Upcycling is a great way to turn an ugly piece of furniture into something modern and beautiful! If you've been gifted a piece, or bought something really cheaply you can totally transform it without spending much. As long as the furniture feels solid with no signs of rot, a coat of paint and some new handles is all you need! You could even use pretty wallpaper samples to line the drawers to really finish off the look. Getting crafty is also another way to spruce up your home on a budget. Pinterest has tons of ideas so have a look to get you started. These kinds of things can help to bring some interest and personality to the room, which is useful when you're starting with a complete blank canvas.

Ask friends and family to help
When you're starting out on your own it can be a struggle, so don't be afraid to ask friends and family for support. They might have some skills that could really help you out and save you some money. Know anyone that's handy with a sewing machine? Maybe they will make you some cushions and curtains for cheap or even free. Anyone that's good at DIY could make you some simple shelves out of inexpensive wood. Or friends and family could just generally pitch in and help you with jobs like painting and gardening.

Do you have any tips for furnishing a home on a budget?