From Gas Guzzler To Green Machine

The days of gas guzzling behemoths are slowly drawing to a close as cars become leaner and greener. Consumers too are changing. Just getting from A to B is no longer the only concern of the modern motorist. Nowadays we expect our vehicles to have standards, to be far less harmful to the environment and to drive on innovative new fuel systems. We look at some of the more modern methods car manufacturers are employing to bring about a greener future and sustainable present. And if you drive a petrol car, we explore some tried and tested methods of making your drive a more efficient one.

This decade’s winning innovation in the battle against pollution has to the hybrid car. Although initially greeted with suspicion over performance, the hybrid has become an increasingly popular choice with drivers looking for a decent drive but with greener credentials. With the ever increasing hike in fuel prices, the hybrid car can also be a money saver, but for more reasons than just petrol alone. With lower road tax, free parking and charging options and ultimately lower running costs motorists are surprised at how cost effective it can be to own a hybrid. Models such Mercedes electric cars are becoming increasingly more performance driven and competing well against their petrol counterparts. With ultra low emissions, the electric hybrid looks set to be the car of the future and its petrol predecessor may soon be a distant memory.

Eco Friendly Tips
If you aren’t ready to trade up your petrol car for a hybrid just yet, there are some tips you can follow to make your gas guzzler a little greener. Always have your tyre pressure at the right level; this means that your car won’t have to work so hard to keep you moving. Under inflated tyres are generally less efficient so your car uses more petrol to keep you moving. You might also consider switching off the air conditioning and cooling down the old fashioned way with a wound down window. Good news for dogs everywhere. Having your AC on may appear fairly innocuous but studies show it makes your electrics work much harder than usual, again putting strain on the engine and leading to more fuel being burnt up.  Finally, make sure you keep your car’s engine in tip top condition with regular home maintenance topping up oil, water, clutch and brake fluid and keeping an eye on those tyres. Help your car to work more efficiently by also removing excess weight from the boot too. Make sure your car is serviced regularly. A car that runs smoothly is running efficiently and making less of an impact on the environment.

Whether you are the proud owner of a hybrid or a petrol head, there are ways we can all make our daily commute a greener one. Switch off that AC, keep your car in great shape and even consider leaving the car at home whenever possible for a brighter, sustainable future.