Beautiful Bedrooms: Tackling A Redesign of Your Room

Our bedrooms are our own little sanctuaries. We all know how hard it is to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning, and how desperate we are to get back to it at the end of every day. But do you ever feel like your bedroom is crying out for a bit of a redesign? The interiors are old, the furniture is outdated, and there just seems like so much more that can be done. If you have Instagram, you’ll know how truly amazing some of the bedroom interior designs are. But we don’t all have the budgets that some of the Insta famouses do, so we’ve put together a few bedroom redesign ideas to help make the whole process easier for you.

The Most Important Part
There’s no point talking about the bedroom without talking about the most important part, the bed. Your bed should be your most prized possession, the one you find so hard to leave in the morning, the thing you think is the most comfiest thing in the world. But the truth is, your whole bed is probably more outdated than it needs to be. They recommend changing your mattress every 10 years, but as the years creep on, you’ll notice little lumps and springs appear that you never thought would. The comfier your mattress, the better night sleep you’re going to have. Companies such as Choose Mattress have such a wide variety to choose from depending on what you like. Some people prefer the more firm mattresses, some prefer the light and airy ones. Then you need to think about the bedframe. There’s so many different varieties! Preferably, you want one that is going to have a bit of handy storage space underneath, and one that has a comfy headboard behind it. Wooden headboards do look nice, but they’re just a tad uncomfy if you’re sitting up in bed to read. Try and get a padded one to support and cushion your head.

Colour Schemes
Colour schemes are again, mostly down to personal preference. But if we can give you any advice, it is to make sure you’re not being too bold. One we know you’re going to love, and one you’re most likely going to have seen plastered all over Instagram, is the black, grey and white look. Grey carpets to start, you definitely don’t want white, especially if it is a girls room! Makeup disasters would definitely occur. Then you want to make your walls as white and bright as possible. Bedroom furniture should also be a mixture of white and grey. For example, you could have a white dressing table, with a black or grey stool underneath. Grey lush bedding to finish the look will make the room amazing. Use grey lighting fixtures and curtains and you’re onto a winner!

Finally, utilising the space you have is really important. Try not to clutter your room with more furniture than it needs, and throw away anything that might be old and not used. Use the space that can be created underneath your bed, and make sure you get a sufficient enough sized dressing table. Even having a nice little bedside table with a few draws for socks and pants will help to declutter things a little.