Renovating A Period Property Without Losing Its Charms

Old houses have so much more charm and character than a new build and you can usually get them cheaper as well. The only problem is, they’re more likely to need some renovations. When you’re making those repairs and giving the place a bit of a facelift you risk losing the traditional aesthetic that makes the house so great in the first place. If you replace bits with new materials it’ll look out of place and you’ll lose value on the house as well. But fear not, it is possible to have the best of both worlds. This is how to renovate an old property without losing any of its charms. 

The windows are a big problem area in old houses. The wood is often rotted and the single panes make it difficult to keep the house heated. If the damage is minimal then you can get away with touching up the holes with some wood filler and giving them a coat of paint. However, if the damage is extensive you’ll need to replace the windows and this is where you could run into trouble. If you replace the windows with white PVC ones, the house will be better insulated but they’ll completely ruin the traditional look of the building. You can pay for new wooden windows to be made but a better option is to get a company like residence 9 windows to install well insulated windows that use a mix of materials. They’ll do modern windows that keep the house warm in winter, but they’ll use wood or wood-effect frames that are in keeping with the rest of the house. 

Important Features 
When it comes to decorating the inside of the house there are some things that can go but some of the main features have to stay, these are the important features. For example, a lot of old Victorian houses have intricate carvings on the ceilings. If they’re damaged then you might be tempted to just get rid of them. Instead, you should be getting them restored by a company that can make them look good as new. It’s a little more expensive than just plastering the ceiling but it’s worth it. Other features that should stay include wooden handrails on the stairs and original wooden doors, the front door in particular. Walk around the house and identify the things that give the house its character and make sure that you keep them. 

Most old houses have a lot of hardwood floors in them and while you don’t have to keep them all, don’t just carpet over everything. In the living room or bedroom areas, it’s ok to put some carpet down to make the rooms a little warmer and more inviting. However, throughout the rest of the house, you should try to maintain the original hardwood floors. They might need a bit of a revamp but this is fairly cheap to do yourself. It’s quite time consuming but you can get an electric sander and take the top layer off before varnishing them again. They’ll look good as new and they won’t be overly modern. Proper hardwood floors are also very popular at the minute so it’ll add value to the property

A period property is far more interesting than a new build and it can be a good investment, you’ve just got to make sure that you maintain the features that make it great in the first place.