Homeowners: Here's How You Can Beat The January Blues!

If you became a homeowner in 2017, you’ll already be accustomed to facing a few shocks that you hadn’t accounted for. Sadly, the bad news is that January and February are likely to bring even more. On a brighter note, though, you can overcome those issues with a little planning and preparation. The first step is to ask the right questions. When you do, those answers will provide the guidance needed for a far better start to 2018. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started. 

How can I keep the home warm? 
This is no doubt one of the most common issues faced by all homeowners, but it can be a major problem during that first 12 months. In truth, November and December are likely to have opened the door to those questions. Nonetheless, there are plenty of cold days still ahead. For now, knowing how much firewood you need for winter is essential if you have a wood burner. Meanwhile, you may want to think about using well-positioned shelving to circulate the warm air. This is true for electric heaters and central heating as well. Whether it’s individual rooms or the home as a whole, this needs to be a priority. Given that you are feeling the financial fallout of the festive season, ideas like roof insulation and thicker windows can wait. Just make sure they are ready for next year. Of course, if there is a leak or similar issues, you may need to reconsider. 

Can the home keep me healthy? 
For many homeowners, the new start offered by January is a chance to get fit and healthy. This is easily the most common New Year’s Resolution but is also one of the hardest to keep. In truth, the poor weather is one of the main reasons. Of course, creating space to complete home workout DVDs can be useful as you look to take control from the comfort of the property. In truth, though, nutrition is the most important aspect. Investing in kitchen gadgets like slow cookers and George Foreman grills can work wonders. Act fast, and you may be able to get them in the sales too! Crucially, you should aim to encourage a better sleeping pattern. A comfy bed coupled with the right choice of curtains and bedroom furniture is highly rewarding. Meanwhile, oil diffusers and other products can be great additions to the home at this time. 

How do I embrace all this new stuff? 
Over the festive period, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated a lot of new products. Even with the tree packed away, you’ll probably find that space has become an issue. With some of the extra purchases suggested above, overcoming this obstacle won’t be easy. But it can be done. First and foremost, you need to make good use of every room. Getting the most out of the home office, for example, helps you maintain organisation. Furthermore, this maintains the barrier that allows you to separate work and leisure activities. This is vital at all times but carries even greater importance right now. This is because you will naturally spend longer hours at home. 

If all else fails, you can claw back valuable space by selling some of the old unwanted items. In truth, you probably won’t have that much stuff if you only recently moved in. As they say, though, every little helps.