Can School And Education Inspire Your Interior Design?

It can be a strange thing school and education, especially in those younger or high school years. We may have spent our days dreading the alarm, getting on a school bus or walking to school knowing that we were going to spend a whole day learning. It’s true what they say, school can often be looked back upon as some of the best years of your life, it just doesn’t feel that way at the time. However, I feel that school and education during these times can influence us in many more ways than just the line of work we end up doing. It may sound strange, but I also feel that school and education can go on to influence our interior design ideas, the things we like to do in our spare time, and hobbies and other aspects of our lives including relationships. But, just focusing on the interior design element for now, here are some of the ways I think your schooling and education has influenced your choices in your home. 

Going to school in grand older buildings
Have you ever thought back to the building you went to school in. Some people may have spent their days in modern building made from brick and lots of glass, whereas others, may have spent their learning days in grander and older buildings. If you look at the core elements of these building, perhaps this has inspired you in your home. For example, those older building may have had large ornate windows, old style radiators and lots of copper features and piping. Maybe there was tall ceilings and intricate tiling. On the other hand modern buildings might have inspired you to choose a new build home or really modern and clean line finishes when it comes to your interior design choices. 

Taking trips and seeing new and exciting things
Our education and schooling wasn’t always in the classroom, was it? Do you have fond memories of those first outings, the fun school science trips and museum visits. Geography field trips and exploring new towns or villages. However, this to could have made an influence on your design choices of the future, such as preferring more antique and valuable furniture and artwork given your love for those museum trips. Or if you like the look of metal and modern features which could have easily been influenced by science or geography trips from years gone by. 

Your favourite subjects
Finally, your favourite school subjects could have easily influenced your choice of design features in your home. A love for english perhaps has seen you make an area in your home purely to indulge in your favourite books. We all know how pinterest has some great ideas for reading nooks. Maybe a love of geography has seen you look to make your home eco-friendly, or a desire to learn languages has seen you add more cultural influences to your home from some of your favourite countries. 

It may seems strange, but often our past choices and experiences can really influence how we are in today's world, whether we realise it or not.