Britain Is Great, So Why Holiday Anywhere Else?

The winter weather means you have one thing on the mind: a holiday. Yep, sun, sea, and cocktails are the perfect antidote to the snow, wind, and rain. And, with spring fast approaching, now is a fantastic time to book a couple of weeks off work. The urge to go away is strong, especially if it is somewhere exotic. However, this country right here, the one we call home, has lots to offer. Yep, that goes for its citizens as well as international tourists. Seeing more of the UK is harder than it sounds because it feels like a waste. These tips will help you understand that a British holiday can be a great one.

Forget About Europe
Not to be anti-Europe in these tough times, but the reason temptation to visit over staying home exists is the perception. The idea of walking the streets of the Basque region in Spain or the South of France whets the appetite. Once you have the idea in your head, it’s almost impossible to see the rest of the world. So, don’t even consider leaving the country as an option. Instead, tell yourself that you are going to tick off the bucket list items that exist in the land of your birth. People choose to visit the north, others south and some close their eyes and point to a map.

Lose The Stereotypes
Human beings judge people within seconds and the same goes for towns and cities. There are places in the UK which you will never visit because of preconceived cliché. Oxford and Cambridge are two hotspots that have to deal with this mentality on a yearly basis. “Average” families don’t want to visit as they feel it’s too snobby and rich for their tastes. However, Oxbridge is relatively modest and a mix of two beautiful cities. Plus, it has hidden gems such as The Wood Norton Hotel in Evesham which is less than an hour away. Seeing a place in a new light makes it more appealing and opens up the possibilities.

Choose An Activity
Okay, so British beaches might not be quite like the sandy dunes of mainland Europe. The United Kingdom isn’t a place to top up your tan by the coast. Let’s face it – the weather is too cold! But the beaches are still incredible in their own right- they're an excellent place for hiking, walking, and cycling and camping. Pack your climbing carabiner, ropes, quickdraws and climbing shoes and go rock climbing- you can stay active while getting a buzz of adrenaline and seeing some amazing views! For the people that are into these activities, Britain is one of the best holiday destinations in the world pound for pound. Firstly, there is the Cotswolds, and then there is the Peak District in Derbyshire, without mentioning the Cairngorms. However, the pièce de résistance is the Lake District in Cumbria.

Be Frugal
Would you rather have one holiday every twelve months or twelve holidays every month? The latter is not a pipedream, not when you're frugal with money. For example, you can pack the car and head off to the nearest tourist attraction at the weekend. Or, you can book a cheap flight and enjoy a city break in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Staying at home means saving money, which should mean extra holiday time.