There's Nothing Wrong with Showing Off in Your Own Home!

That’s right, it’s your home, and you can do whatever you want with it. As a child, you probably dreamed of a house with one hundred rooms, twenty-five bathrooms, a bowling alley, a home cinema, basketball courts, a pool, and a whole room dedicated to books or art or video games or whatever you love. But life got in the way, and it doesn’t always work out like that. But whatever. That doesn’t mean you can’t still show off in your own home. And all of those things you were looking forward to as a child are still possible; it’s just all about where you look.

Everyone needs furniture, and typically most will buy from the same chain store. You’ll go round to a friend’s house and say ‘Hey, you got that from [generic furniture store] right? I’ve got the same.’ Don’t lie, you know it’s happened at least once. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You don’t want to be like everybody else. So why not consider investing in some luxury furniture, which while perhaps costing more is better quality and will last longer. Furthermore, something quirky and a bit odd will wow guests and have them asking ‘Where on Earth did you get that?’

Art nerd? Film buff? Lit snob? It doesn’t matter; there is no need to hide something if you’re good at it. Others may see it as an exercise in narcissism, but why would you want to keep your art hidden away from the world? Why conceal your talent? Getting creative with your decoration, from picture frames, quotes, to full-blown art is a practice that is not done enough in the modern home. Don't gorget finishing touches like lighting, an antique gold chandelier is sure to make any room look lavish, and some high quality lamps will allow you to tailor the light to whatever task you're doing at the time. 

On top of your furniture and decor, there will be other rooms around the house that you might want to show off your talents or interests. No matter what this might be, there is a place for everything you might have. There will no doubt be some boxes still full of items you never considered putting out, and that might give you a heavy heart that you can’t share it with the world. Well, forget about that worry and just do it. If you have a small library of books makeshift bookcases or merely stacking them atop one another will show them off. If you are a collector of old toys or cigarette cards, framing them and hanging them in a room will add a splash of personality to the area. The possibilities are endless.

There is nothing wrong with showing off in your home. It’s your home, and if you can’t show off there, then where can you? At first, it will make the house feel more like yours, and over time it will come to be that you can’t imagine your house without it. So don’t hide away, flaunt your talents, your passions, your ideas, and feel at home when at home.