Smart Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

The bathroom has got to be one of the most difficult rooms to work with when it comes to storage and organisation. When you have a lot of products and not a whole lot of space it can be a pain finding storage that not only fits, but holds what you need it to and actually looks half decent as well.  We all dream of having a stunning bathroom space one day- freestanding bath in the middle, gorgeous panelled walls and ceilings and heating under the flooring... you know the drill, but that might be a long way off. So for now it's making the most of the room we have, here are five bathroom storage ideas which are handy if you don't have much floor space!

Apothecary Jars
I'm obsessed with apothecary jars, they can be used to store just about anything and look pretty in any room. They're particularly good for things like bath bombs and soaps, as not only are you keeping moisture out but it's a good way of displaying them. When you buy products from places like Lush they're usually really pretty so it's a shame to have them wrapped up and put away until you use them. While I don't have a whole load of surface space in my bathroom, I do have a wide windowsill which is perfect for displaying something like this.

Shower Caddy
 It's not going to hold much of your overall product stash, but a shower caddy is a handy bit of storage to have in the bathroom. I like to use more relaxing, pampering products in the bath and more invigorating/ refreshing products in the shower, so I find having a shower caddy keeps my daily bath and shower products separate and means I'm not having to dig around in drawers for them. 

Tall Drawers
 Tall, narrow drawers are definitely your friend when you have a small bathroom, as you get maximum storage with little floor space. I currently use a narrow set of plastic drawers to store my bathroom products, while it's far from my ideal piece of furniture I have to admit I chose practicality on this one. I used to have a lovely set of rattan drawers in my bathroom but after a bit of a mishap with a leaky shampoo bottle they had to be replaced as it ruined the wood. The plastic ones are much handier as you can take the entire drawer out and wash them if a product leaks, they're hardwearing and the narrow style isn't too obstructive. I went for a black and clear set which matches the rest of my bathroom so doesnt look too out of place.

Storage Baskets 
This is currently how I store my everyday bath products, I have a ledge at the bottom of my bath which fits three little baskets on perfectly. I have one for the things I use every day, one for the things I use weekly and the last one has my boyfriends products (which is basically useless as he always pinches mine). It looks much better than just standing up a load of products in the corner of the bathroom or on the sides of the bath and keeps everything nice and organised.

Acrylic Storage 
You can find loads of different varieties of these acrylic storage holders on eBay and they're so handy, I use one for my everyday makeup and highly recommend it. If your bathroom mirror has a shelf under it then something like this would be perfect for smaller bits and pieces like cotton wool, tweezers, hair ties and dental floss.

Do you have any storage ideas for a small bathroom?