How Can You Make Your Garden More Usable In The Colder Months?

Gardens might be the most usable in the summer months when the weather is nice, but if you're lucky enough to have outside space it's crazy to neglect it for the rest of the year. While you're not going to be doing much sunbathing or barbequing over the winter, there's plenty you can do outside to reinvigorate your garden; keep it looking nice and making it a usable space to spend time in all year round.

Install a log cabin
This is one is a bit of a cheat, although technically it is still in the garden and is making the most of the space you have outside. While the weather is still fine and dry, install a log cabin or summerhouse. Whether you choose to build it yourself or assemble a pre-made piece, be sure to put enough money aside to make it winter-proof. Insulating the walls, floors and ceilings will help to keep the cold out and you could even go a step further and have heating installed depending on how big of a project you want to make it. Alternatively if you only wanted to install electrics you could go for an electric heater.

Invest in a fire pit
A fire pit is a great investment for the garden as it can be used all year round, but is especially handy in the winter as you can spend time outside on a dry evening while staying warm. They can be powered with firewood for a clean and environmentally friendly burn; kiln dried logs will often have a low moisture content, which means they are reliable and will work every time. As well as acting as heat source they also make a great central feature, have some friends round and toast some marshmallows!

Add a feature
Something like a water feature or some cool garden statues can be a great way to liven up the look of the garden over the winter when there's not much else going on. Of course, they'll look great all year round, but provide something to draw the eye to over the colder months when the flowers have finished blooming for the year. 

Install an outdoor hot tub
You won’t even be able to tell it’s winter while you're relaxing in the bubbles of your own garden hot tub! You might have to make a quick dash back to the house in the cold when it's time to get out, but you'll be nice and warm while you're in there. Again this is something that would be great for entertaining in all year, but allows you to use your garden in the winter. 

Do you use your garden much in the colder months?