Make Your Bedroom Look Like a Five Star Hotel

If you like staying in luxury hotels and enjoying the comfort and design of five-star accommodation, you might want to recreate the feeling by creating a bedroom to be proud of. Whether it is the comfort features or space you appreciate in luxury hotels, you can live every day in the same environment using the below methods. 

Deep Shaggy Carpets and Luxury Underlay
If you want to feel warm, welcome, and at home whenever you enter your bedroom, you might want to choose a carpet that is soft, elegant, and feels good under your feet. You will feel the difference between the normal and luxury underlay. It will not only cancel the noise from upstairs, but will keep the floor warm. If you have old floor boards, you might want to talk to your carpet fitting company about the best underlay possible. Getting a deep looped pile carpet in the colour that matches your bedroom theme will give you a long lasting feeling of luxury. 

Custom Headboards
Feeling at home in your bedroom is also important. One way of customising your bed is to order some custom headboards with your favourite picture printed on, or embroidered. If you are good at DIY and feel creative, you might even upcycle your existing headboard, to make it look unique, sophisticated, and expensive. If you have a patterned bed frame or a bed cover fabric that you really like, you can use the same material on your headboard. You can use any material that matches your decor; wood, foam, or sponge covered in cotton or silk. 

Memory Foam Mattress 
Once you know how your bed should look like, it is time to pay attention to how it feels like. Luxury hotels have quality orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses to make your stay more comfortable. Check out the bed sets and mattresses available at John Ryan by Design for inspiration. A good mattress that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, feels firm and soft at the same time can make a huge difference. If you have any type of back problem, you might want to consult with a professional and get help choosing the right mattress for your needs. 

Hidden Fridge
One great thing about staying in a luxury hotel is that you can have all your favourite snacks and drinks at hand. You can add a touch of glamour to your bedroom design by creating a built in wardrobe with enough space for your mini fridge that has all the essentials for a romantic night in. Make sure that you hide the wires and the fridge, so it doesn’t ruin the overall look of your luxury bedroom. You can get fridges that come with a cabinet of your choice, and have the holes for the wires cut out at the back. 

En Suite Rooms
Of course, if you want to feel like you are staying in a luxury hotel, you will need an en suite room. The added privacy can be great for couples who like staying in bed late, or those who simply like having a shower in peace. You can enclose a small area of your bedroom and install a power shower with a built in radio and light therapy to relax in style every night. Even if you have limited space available, you can make the most out of it by using glass or sliding doors. 

Silk Bedroom Sets and Matching Curtains
While ready made bedroom sets can be inexpensive, you might not find the design you are looking for. Contact an interior design company that will be able to create your curtains, cushion covers, bed sheets, and bed covers based on the same design. You might want to get your hands on some luxury silk bedding that will feel great to be in. Choose a colour theme for your bedroom and create a feature wall that matches your upholstery design to create a sense of designer interior. 

Recreating a luxury holiday at home should not cost an arm and a leg. If you already have an idea of how you want your designer bedroom to look like, you can use your DIY skills to make it happen. If you need help making hotel style design a part of your home, you might need to consult with an interior designer who can make your dreams come true and provide you with clever storage and comfort solutions you can enjoy every night for many years to come.