Fun Ways To Bond With The Family

In this chaotic modern world, family time often takes a back seat. It’s not just that we all have responsibilities, whether at work or at school, but that we all become far too absorbed in our virtual lives; social media, gaming, and endless Netflix binging are all examples of things that have, ironically, separated us as people even if they’re said to bring us together. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to let ourselves become antisocial and disconnected from our families. Of course, you also don’t have to give up the aforementioned modernities. You just need to find a way to come together with your family to enjoy all of those things at home but also get out of the house now and then to enjoy the “real” world. It’s about a healthy balance between the two. We all like a little alone time now and then, but how often do you actually spend quality time with your loved ones? Here are some fun ways to bond with the family (with and without technology).

Take a road trip
The best way to bond with the family is to set off on an adventure. You could wait for summer to book time off work and take a holiday or you could decide to spend your weekends bonding with the family and having your own mini-holiday at whatever time of year you please. You don’t have to fork out a lot of money and jet off to the other side of the world; plan out a route, hop in your car, and go on an exciting excursion. The road trip will be fun in itself but you could think of a few fun destinations to serve as stopping points along the way. You could visit a local town that you’ve never taken the time to explore or go camping so that you and the family can spend some quality time together whilst enjoying mother nature. Pack up a tent or some camping hammocks, some tasty food that can be cooked outdoors and some binoculars for bird watching and have a fantastic time.  A weekend is more than enough time for an adventure on this scale although you could go for as long as you like. 

Try a new activity
Another fun way to spend time with the family is to try out a new activity together. The most effective way to bond is to take on a new challenge so that you can help one another to master a skill. Trying something new can be a growing experience both on an individual level and as a family. You and the family could learn how to bake something new together, for example, and have an entertaining time as you make a mess of the kitchen. Obviously, some family activities go more smoothly than others. You need to gauge the room, so to speak, when picking an activity. It’s important that everybody’s on board so it feels like an inclusive family event. For example, a bike ride sounds idyllic but it’s only pleasant if everyone in the family likes cycling. You might want to look into cycle accident compensation if you’ve tried out that activity unsuccessfully and somebody in the family was injured or their bicycle was left damaged. The point is that there are a million different activities you and the family could try together. Switch things up this coming weekend and suggest something exciting to do together. Hold a family meeting so that everyone has the opportunity to throw some ideas on the table.

Have a lazy day
Whilst we’ve talked a lot about getting out of the house, the key to bonding with your family is simply to spend more time together. You can allow yourself the odd lazy day here or there (that’s what Sundays are for), but everyone in the family should gather in the living room rather than being antisocial in their separate rooms. You could create a “family cinema” night and watch a film together on the big screen in the dark with popcorn and other snacks. You could even play some board games or video games if everyone in the family is up for it. The point is that you should set yourself the goal of keeping everyone in the same room to do something fun together.

Start a new tradition
One final way in which you could bond with your family is to start a new tradition. The thing that bonds family together is tradition. It’s the quirky things you do every Christmas, such as pulling crackers over a roast dinner, or the Easter egg hunt you have every Easter. These fun traditions will form long-lasting memories in the minds of both you and your children. And traditions aren’t reserved for the holiday season. With all the fun ideas in this article, you could make lots of new traditions. Every Saturday could be ‘takeaway night’ and every Sunday could be ‘film night’, for example.