Add A Touch Of Homemade To Your Interior Design

While you may think the en vogue interior look of the moment is all vintage, geometric shapes, and Scandinavian you wouldn’t be far wrong. However, in 2017 we also saw a mammoth push for all things hygge. Hygge is a Danish concept; the closest we can get to in English is the feeling of ultimate coziness and the ability to generate that warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside our bones. There’s nothing more cozy and special than seeing something homemade, knitted or created by your own fair hands taking pride of place in your home. Take a look and see how you can add a touch of homemade to your interior design.

The easiest way to whip up a homemade creation is to go all Damien Hirst and throw up an art installation. You don’t have to pickle a sheep or leave your bed unmade. Why not channel your inner Jackson Pollock and design a splatter picture. All you need are some decent acrylic paints and a large canvas. Choose colors that match the decor of your room, head outside on a sunny day, load up your paint brushes and splatter away! Make sure you’re covered up in your scruffs and enjoy the freedom and joy that creating art encourages. Your very own piece of original artwork hanging above the fireplace will become the ultimate talking point when you’re entertaining guests.

Striking a balance between all things hygge and designer can be tricky. You don’t want your bed adorned with a homemade patchwork quilt that has been in the family for generations, but you also don’t want to lose the personality of your bedroom so that it looks like every other designer showroom. For a touch of homemade, why not consider creating a rustic headboard to match the sleek lines and minimalist design of your room. You’ll need to get your hands on some reclaimed timbers, a strong adhesive from a company like Glue Guns Direct and you’ll need to rope in a pal to help you with the work. Layering the flat timbers on top of one another haphazardly can create a solid feature headboard. With a bit of sanding, varnishing and construction, you can add some rustic charm to your bedroom.

Soft Furnishings
Nothing says warm and cozy more than throws, cushions and blankets. If you’re a dab hand with the sewing machine or love nothing better than whipping out the crochet kit, you could find yourself in your element, creating all manner of soft furnishings for your home. Just remember the importance of quality over quantity. Get hold of some luxury fabrics and enjoy experimenting with your chosen color scheme. A rug in the living room, some throws for the bedroom and a chair cover or two for the dining room will suffice, giving your home a much needed personal touch.

Being a super crafter may never be your forte. However, with a little bit of lateral thinking, you can have a home full of creative flair and individuality with a homemade touch.