A Touch Of Glamour And A Sprinkle Of Class: Making Your Home Look Lavish

You walk into your best friend’s new home and are in awe of how sophisticated and classy she has made it. The wallpaper is crisp and neat and the carpet feel plush in between your toes. You could only wish to feel this amount of elegance brushed across your dowdy and outdated house. How on earth is all of that possible on such a small budget? We all dream of building a lavish and expensive home, but with that often comes a huge price-tag. The common phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ does spring to mind, but there are ways in which you can upgrade your sleepy looking home into an elegant abode. 

Bijoux Bedroom
You crawl out of bed each morning and leave the bed covers crumpled and strewn across the mattress. You grab the closest clean clothes you can find and stumble out the door in order to make it to work on time. Sound familiar? No wonder you feel like your bedroom is a dark and musty cave that nobody would ever want to visit. Treat yourself to some new, shiny bedsheets and invest in some silver or gold coloured pillows. Anything with a touch of sparkle will bring your boring bedroom to life instantly. Organise your wardrobe and take some time to have a clear out. You’ll soon be sleeping in a calm haven fit for a queen.

Glamorous Gardens 
It’s not just the interior of your house that deserves a makeover. You can actually add value to your garden along the way too. Paint up that rusty old fence and plant some luscious flowers. The exterior of your home will soon be glowing and bright. If you fancy splashing out on a little garden luxury, check out SpaCity online. They offer amazingly cheap deals on hot tubs, so you’ll be sure to impress your friends by adding on of these to your newly made-over garden. 

Spare Room Shake Up
You have never quite come up with an idea for the spare room. It is kind of a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t use all the time, but can’t face throwing it away. Your spare room could actually be the key to making your house go from dull to dazzling. Think of a quirky and cool idea for the spare room. Why not turn it into a funky hotel-style guest room. Fill it with fresh flowers and silky sheets and your friends will be dying to stay over! If that isn't quite your thing you could turn it into a sophisticated work area. Maybe you’re into arts and crafts and need a place to let loose with creativity. Not only will you have a practical space to do your hobby, but you’ll have a unique room in your home that not many other people would ever dream of.

So don’t delay in giving your house a little spot of magic in the form of majestic accessories and interior decor. Take some time to make a few small changes and you’ll soon transform your home from cheap to chic.