A New Look For A New Year

People tend to fall into two categories at the end of a year - the first is made up of people who have hated the majority of the past year, and the second is the people who loved it. Whichever group you fall into, going into the new year is all about new possibilities and adventures. So why not begin this new chapter with a new home look? Refreshing the place, you spend most of your time can give you a lift, make you look ahead, and can make you say goodbye to things that could be holding you down. But what style should you go for? Here are six of the most favoured interior design looks going into 2018. 

The look of the mid-1900s has been making an appearance over the past year and look to be continuing strong into the new year. The look is defined by its use of bold colours, geometric and natural shapes, minimalist silhouettes and refined lines. The introduction of plastic, plywood and aluminium at the time has made a complete comeback with this design. If you plan on going in this direction, it might be an idea to mix it up with some more modern touches, as a pure take can look dated very easily. 

The contemporary interior design relies on neutral colours, grounded by blocks of black and white, and accented with a bright colour. The rooms take advantage of space with high ceilings and large windows, allowing plenty of light into the uncluttered room filled with simple but bold furniture. 

Originating from the turn of the century industrial revolution, this style uses exposed steel and wiring, creating a purposely unfinished look. Exposed brick walls match concrete or raw wooden floors. Distressed wooden furniture is often accented with sumptuous leather sofas or wingback chairs. This look has a mature, almost masculine feel, but done correctly can be perfect for anyone. 

The idea of bohemian decor is to create a messy or unkempt look, whilst maintaining a light and clean space. Using layered textiles, draped fabrics and multiple cushions can create this look. Indian influences often come through with mandala and paisley prints in both bohemian interior design, and fashion. And the colours often orientate around reds and pinks. 

Sometimes also known as shabby chic, the French look is all about using distressed antiques and repurposed furniture to create a mirror image of an 18th-century chateaux. Obviously, you will want all the modern luxuries, so this look can be easily adapted throughout the home, to create a seamless and sophisticated space

Which is again often known as shabby chic - making the two similar in some areas, and very varied in others. Farmhouse interior design focuses on comfort, with worn wood, deep couches, repurposed storage, and many outdoor influences. A person visiting a home decorated this way could expect to see dried lavender sitting in a re-used milk jug, and it wouldn't look out of place at all.