Creating Kerb Appeal: How To Make The Outside of Your Home Look Beautiful

It's all well and good decorating the inside of your home to perfection, but if the outside looks scruffy it will let down the overall look. The outside of your house is the first thing people will see, and so it's worth spending time making it look nice. This will boost the value of your property if you're looking to sell, but even if you're not it's a good way to take pride in your home and make sure it looks it's very best. Here are some of the ways you can create kerb appeal.

This one is easy, but can make a dramatic difference. If there's anything at the front of your home that shouldn't be there, tidy it into a shed or garage or put it where it's supposed to be. This could be things like garden tools, childrens toys, shoes and bikes. Clear any litter that's blown in and rake up any leaves. Once everything is clear it will instantly make it look nicer and more well kept.

This could involve mowing the lawn, cutting back plants and trees and deadheading flowers. When your garden looks maintained it shows that someone has made an effort and actually cares about it. To go a step further you could plant seeds and bulbs so they flower every year and make your garden look beautiful without much effort on your part. You could replace any cracked slabs, and overseed your lawn to make it look thicker and address any bald patches. 

Hanging baskets near the front door look really pretty and are a great way to create kerb appeal. In the spring and summer you have a wide range of gorgeous flowers you could choose from, in the colder months go for evergreens or see if you can find any winter flowering plants at your local garden centre.

A door mat is practical as it stops people trudging mud through the house, but is also a good way to create a welcoming entrance. There a loads of cute designs you could choose from. Most doormats will need replacing every year, so if your is past it's best it's worthwhile picking up a new one.

Splattered and dirty windows don't create a good impression when looking at a house, and they're not very nice to look out of either! Give your arms a workout by giving all the windows and doors in your house a scrub, and call up a local window cleaner to do the outside if you're not great on ladders. Don't forget the sills and any handles. Having matching window treatments such as vertical blinds up at the windows can make everything look uniform and finished too.

How do you make your home look it's best from the outside?